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August 18, 2008 at 7:43 am | Posted in life | 7 Comments
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finally! that time of the year is here, and don’t think am as fact, i somehow is, considering the options of staying at home and all.

well, it’s been a fun hol, especially these last two weeks.

Camp Kennedy!Eish! i think i should post some snaps from the place…just chill

ill have to be eating up this every morning.good grief.

9- mile: i'll have to be eating up this every morning.good grief.

anyhow, i covered my legendary of 9-mile,  this morning, all in brown. i think i like brown colors a tad too much and it wasn’t a coincidence that the envelope clutched between my fingers was brown too.

the molly cuddly mood-to steal from Val-of new things, including starch-scented boxers (hihi, i know someone is feeling fresh :D) has not eased the stress of a new semester.

first, KCB guys have greatly disappointed me with their non-straight forward approach…i mean, why are banks never clear with their charges? i guess this is the difference?

first, they say you need no operating balance, no account fee, no ledger fee, free quick serve ATM and when am about to, they ask me for a Kshs. 500 fee. As kawa, i postpone the venture kiasi and i cruise  happy-go-lucky till this last week. Now, the fee is Kshs. 1000 and as i askhow, they reduce it to five hundred…and whats more, i cant open an account. reason? the system is being changed and has been changing for the last three months into the next three weeks…

i give up on them and decide to go to school first.

registration! oh, the day-mare, a work of poor dramatist aka the infamous (non) fine-a-n-ss dept.

however, i have a fresh approach this time and i hope to work-study.

pray for me in my endeavours…nitawakumbuka pia!



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  1. i think i got the word for the bank’s ish… on the link>

  2. You’re not the only one who’s had issues with KCB!

    at least i feel better

    They misrepresented information when they came to open accounts on campus. Kumbe mine was opened at RIVER ROAD (??!!) branch (huko ni wapi? As if I even know where River Road is)

    confused lot i tell you

    it took them over a week to just open the account, then they said my account doesn’t allow me to deposit cheques (???) they took another 2 weeks to process my ATM card (which doesn’t allow me to swipe for purchases, for that I need to apply for a separate Visa card!). They said no operating charges, kumbe they require a 1000 bob fixed deposit.

    this one incensed me most

    and moving to Barclays.

    together on the move…i think they have all dissapointed me, am going to bak of baroda 🙂

  3. Can’t say much about KCB, I don’t bank with them… All the best in school.thanks

    @Archer, pole bana! Move to Barclays, and to a branch in the City center, not River Road!! LOL…

  4. i have never dealt with KCB but I was able to open a Barclays account with no deposit requirement chap chap. only problem is that I had to get someone to refer me.
    plus their visa debit card takes at least 2 weeks to be processed.

    all the best in school and any other endeavors

  5. I wholly agree with Nzembi and 3N.Try Barclays and you wont be dissapointed.And if you seriously dont know where River Road is you need to know your Nairobi better.Welcome back to school

  6. I have been to that dusty road….in some old jalopy called a taxi…I missed the bus, and damn, dont I know about registration..those queues, wait a minute, maybe there are no queues at your place.

    Barclays is cool, though they refused me to open an account last years because I did not have an ID yet, so I had to open one at Equity, whose services people complain about, but seeing as though I only use withdrawal services of the bank, am ok…

    Wish u well in your new semester

  7. Never dealt with KCB too! I found easier to start with Co-op at the time I opened my first account. My card took 6 weeks to process at the time. In Jan I went for a replacement and it took 1 week and 2 days to get one! I got accounts with Equity for their convenience.

    I personally think Standard and Barclays suck! They closed lots of branches in most parts of the country ati coz they didnt want dirty farmers. If you have tried to bank with them and have used the Barclays Hurligham branch, you feel like closing your account with them. The Standard at Yaya too is such a snail’s pace of banking

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