another one bites the dust

August 9, 2008 at 9:59 pm | Posted in life | 8 Comments
see the soul-jahs laughing at the poor soul and how his eyes are popping out!

this photo in the Nation today my day. this guy went for military test and after completing the road race, fanited!see the soul-jahs laughing at the poor soul and how his eyes are popping out!poor soul.he missed the job, and got backpage space for his CV.

i should be heading for supper now. the printer just jutted out some papers like its an unwanted piece of crap…and oh, i should be taking a rest.i haven’t slept since the day before yesterday.

but i have to write this.never mind the last post dint wash.

Bernie Mac, whoever he be, is dead. it’s all over the net. i remember watching such a show but it never caught my interest as such. yet, i know its another sad story in the cosmos of inconsolable sorrows.
even so, may his soul rest in peace.
away from the limelight and into the grimier-light- those explicit news bits that Nation’ prefers to tack and publish in Daily Metro – a close pal has lost one of his child hood buddy.

he lost him, not only to death, but the brutal hands of Kenyan police. ok, the slain guy may not have been angel Gabriel, but these are the instances you get to concur with what Maina Kiai is nuts about- human rights.

its not fair, it will never be. but it’s the way of the ghetto…the Kenyan police i mean.
i think i grief/grieve(??)  with him.

M-any other businesses

today is 08/08/08 and its like everyone is w8ing for something extraordinary to happen. its 1036hrs 1115hrs now in the PM and mosquitoes are seducing me.i slap most of them to silence while some manage to get some pints.

wait, did i tell you am in Camp Kennedy for a vacation-cum-jobbo? what with food, limitless fast internet and eye-candies around, i am bound to forget!

but pretty many interesting things are happening here, including this project i once blogged about:sfs-google scouting for solutions…in other words, they refer to it as ‘scouting for sex’. i am still scribbling notes on my notebook on that, so patience!

as for the others, i told you my favorite blogs are those i never read…i did read the Alkoholik Anonymous this time around and discovered who this sunshine blog…my day was completed.

time update 1257hrs, i neeeeeeeeeeeed sleep. lest i also bite the dung…with fatigue, like this soul-jah who never is.



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  1. he was a superb stand up comic.

  2. I also laughed hard at that photo! Dude’s machos have popped kama tilapia!

    I can’t belive you’re not a fan of Bernie Mac! He’s (now) a legend! You should watch his stand up comedies.

    Pole about your pal.

  3. bambi the poor guy. at least he tried… but he should have practised before going there because he knows that they have some serious training schedules…

    bernie mac… liked his show, didn’t know he was that old. he even has a grandchild.

    may his soul rest in peace.

  4. I never fancied Bernie Mac…
    But waa! That souldier wanna be made my day! LOL!

  5. @Sybella and Nzembi
    How can you not love Bernie Mac? He wasnt that old, he was fifty….

    Yeah, I really laughed when I saw that photo in the newspaper..

  6. @Savvy, you know those people who when they open their mouth, you suddenly get a headache which goes away as soon as the said mouth is shut?? Well, To me, Bernie Mac is (was) just one of those people. No love lost.

  7. That Souljah guy on the left, I know him from waaay back when I went for a similar drill. They have no mercy on anyone! I remember him walking towards one of the ‘recruitees’, asked him to part his legs touches his holiest of holies and lamented, “Uko na makende (or kende perhaps) moja!” And just like that, the dream of joining the defense forces was curtailed.

    Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (Bernie Mac) was one of the best stand up comedians of all times. If you get his DVDs (try a Library at Warwick) you will love him. By the way I got to know of Richard Pyror when he passed too. I came to know he is voted as the best stand up comedian of all times! He is like the father of Stand Up

    RIP to Isaac Hayes too. What a weekend it was! I’ll do a piece on him soon.

  8. ROFL @ SoulJah Boy.. Pole Lakini!

    Like we used to say back in the day, Life is not a rehearsal; enjoy it now!

    even now the same goes….

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