devil drives a prado

August 5, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Posted in life | 4 Comments

dear blog,

i have had a replica of hell and heaven this weekend. As am writing this, my lips are cracked. man, they were even bleeding earlier in the day. i think i swallowed acid or something, coz, sa hizi, am in SMS only mode.

imagine, even if Angelina was to offer me one wet one, i’d blissfully decline! but am just saying, we!

now, as i was thinking up this post, i was unsafely sandwiched between one foul-rag smelling tout and some fragrance wafting mamacita. either way, it was bad. you know that vapourish aura that sorrounds someone who has been rained on? especially with-not-so clean clothes-plus stale-beer? ahem! the mamacita wasn’t making it better. she was throwing side-way dirty glances at me.

i wonder how i smelt!

i wouldnt even care then!

i had had a worse-good about mixed fortunes! this is how it went down…on Sato.

see, i have been with some ‘high and mighty’. Or so i started to analyse my day with the three kings, me included, over some warm frothy drinks. but i dont go far before am shouted down.

” we unasema wakubwa wagani, unajua nimepewa letter of recommendations na Kibaki?”

/what high and mighty?you know the president recommended me?/

hehe, imagine this as your pet or lurking in the backyard?

that’s Mchuna, aka Sir K for you. a die hard scouts who will demystifying the whole marching thing that people associate the Mvt with. apparently, he was at the patron’s day in Statehouse.

i could care less, but in a week’s time, i may run some design work for the guys deep in rowallan camp. Again, this is US. the ‘three kings'(childhood buddies with larger than life egos). for us, its us against each other against the world.yeah, man-eat-man-fckwomen caste system, ha.

it is O P P ‘s turn. Oyengi Papa…, the tallest of us. he had a girl today, in the crib and before he could let out how well she mchwaps, i stop him in right in the tracks.

“dude, i got Arungah Esther on the speed dial,” my face cooler than Will in Hitch.

clearly, they never expected this and i take it as the chance to pirouette them into my little cliff of intrigue.

actually, i was hanging with some buddies who are curving a niche in the media powerhouses, youth movements, blah….oh, and i got a ticket to Kwani’s envisioning kenya talk on sato! one of them, is also giving a talk and i dont say that i got the other ticko.

but as the tittle suggests, it never quite ended well, even after one dude fresh from korea, confirmed that my fave screen saver, the tasmanian devil is actually a real animal!

the lib system claimed that am a book smuggler and the case was to be heard on moan-day.

today is tearsday, i never went for hearing and some sleek-Benz driving rich guy doesnt want to pay for my design services.

sure, the devil drives a prado and has a tasmanian devil for a pet



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  1. Sorry about your lips…

    I hate the inevitable early morning “battle of perfumes” in the taxi on the way to work. Sometimes the mixtures are so toxic you want to gag.

  2. yeah…pole sana about your lips

    why a book thief for a son?

  3. I know about those toxic smells, ever been in a mat when it is raining and no one wants to open the window? Add dripping umbrellas..

  4. This sounds familiar,the scene in the jav,happened to me two fridays in a row.

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