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where i was brought up, they kept saying that monkeys have more than a soft spot for bananas. they would do anything, and still would do anything to have the inside of the softer yellow of it- including exchanging the loot of their lifetime. ok, you remember that picture essay in primary school where a trader selling hats decided to rest under a tree and slept? and then the monkeys in that tree took all his hats and wore them?it was a funny scene, i tell you. the next picture showed the man dishing out bananas and the elated monkeys gave him the hats back..

si nugu tu na ndizi, ah!

likewise, i sometimes visualize myself as many things in relation to literature.

this time round, i feel i have this thoroughly scrubbed red a** and with one craving for bananas. i see like i would almost do anything to get my self laid in between the sheets. this is the second allusion. am aprostitute, the writers are my clients. the roles have been semi-reversed. in as much as the writer has to be seductive in the way he strings words together, i keep sharpening my reading and writing skills on the same. the slutty aspect steps in when i dare to read just about anything, from high-brow lit through all newspapers to the tacky magazines that dot the local vendors stand.

anyone who holds me ransom with their words long enough, has me longest-i’m a word digger!

anyway, i think Kwani? is becoming a force of literature to reckon with not only in Kenya but Africa at large. Taban Lo Liyang’s sentiments that E. Africa is a literature are being washed down each dawn. with the likes of Chimamanda Adichie headed for this side of Sahara, well, Kenya is becoming a pivotal point in the world of aRts.

by the way, for you novices, i have a crush on Adichie’s work(and her too!)…the purple hibiscus and half of a yellow sun. if o dont get the kedo 1500 needed to seduce any off the shelfs….refer to the nyani na ndizi anecdote!



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  1. A word digger indeed.

    and we keep on digging…

  2. off to do the intellectual daddi?

  3. hahaha, goood stuff. i love Adichie’s work.

  4. am yet to read her books, am esp curios about purple hibiscous, neema divine, care to lend me a copy?

    am a word sucker too.. and i try to read as widely as possible too

  5. dude good stuff make it nyandizi fest next time.! p4 out!

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