jack bauer and the drunk of marigo-ini.

July 25, 2008 at 7:36 am | Posted in randommoments | 8 Comments

there was this drunk back in my village, Marigo-ine whose name translated to ‘chicken or hen. he was ‘ngoko’ nguku yaani, eh.

i dont know if

it has something to do with his cowardice, or a poultry farm he ran before i was born, i found people calling him that. but one thing was for sure about him; alcohol was his darling!

so, on his usual rowdy drunken stupors, he would refer to any young man he found on the way as ‘ jamba ya awa’.

ukuga atia jabaawa‘ / what do you have to say the warrior of…

jamba ya awa, said in that all-common kikuyu rustic drawl..sounds like jack bauer with a silent ‘ck’!

but i dont say. both names refer to heros.

as Wambua Sammy would say. just a thought!



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  1. yeah, to break the ice, enjoy that..miss Maua, more of anecdotes from the slopes of kiabuu coming to you!

  2. Ha ha! Are you from my shags?

    haha, most probably!

  3. ha! ha! gosh ur sooo funny.


  4. Eish! this is funny

    i found that too!by the way umelost? lemmie check out your maskan

  5. lol… comparing jack bauer and the village drunk… interesting

    and are heroes,,nuf sed!

  6. But seriously, change those bulbs…

  7. jack bauer…jamba ya awa.. yes, heroes of our time


  8. jamba ya awa. Am off to share this with my friends. Shieeeeet that was very creative and funny too!

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