(edited)happy birthday boy:myOFFICIALtwendy-nothing

July 6, 2008 at 4:53 pm | Posted in he-motions | 13 Comments

men, it felt so good today. it’s was my birthday. it was my secret. it went unnoticed! but men, it still felt so good to be a year older. with no gifts or celebrations… anyway, it is also nice to be twenty something a day before the life expectancy of Kenyans increased. sacrilegious! i mean, are there people who can determine how long people should live? anyway, no time for battles today, but MYtitbits, RIGHT?

  • myPHONEs-the last one crashed from internet applications.am quarterway geek…the current one is a samshit.
  • myCAREER-postively charging towards negativity…looking for some neutralizer.i dont understand it either.
  • myWOMEN-one at a time…utamu wa njugu ni kula moja, moja
  • myFRIENDS-not the BEST in the world. but so am i?lakini, heard of anywhere you exchange friends for a new set?
  • myMUSIC-i dunno, tastes keep on changing, but Rihanna has a voice i never tire listening to. Immortal Technique does it for me, hardcorewise.
  • myFACE-unmistakable…though hapo kwa side i had flu.
  • myCRUSH- anna lucia of LOST. ceased watching it after her xter was killed off!
  • myEX- the fairest i ever had…but with the current tidings, aha!
  • my BLOG- almost deleted it yesterday!
  • myI’D LIKE TO MEET- am blank here. maybe soms writer? a blogger?
  • myYOU- am glad you reading this, i love you(ladies pekee!) for dat.
  • myPERSONALITY-what’s the weather like tomorrow?
  • myEDUCATION-wantingggggggimmethatgoddamndegree!
  • myFAVORITEblog-the one i never read.
  • myMIND-i let it wander, have never found it since.
  • myGOODLIFEIDEA- waking up the the verse, she prepares a hot breakfast before me…
  • myLOVES-literature.gals.travelling
  • myGOD-the living one!
  • myDAD- my favorite parent

thanks yall for keeping it real for me.




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  1. hapeee new year!

  2. happy birthday!

  3. Happy bassdei muchamaa!

  4. Happy birthday. Why you kept it away from us I am not sure

  5. Happy Birthday…why did you keep it a secret??

  6. Happy belated birthday

  7. Hepi Baarday. I thought the Mac was yours for ya baarday, why u didn’t remind us?

  8. At least you don’t make a big deal out of people not remembering your birthday. Sounds like you enjoyed the solitary quiet. Happy belated!

  9. “utamu wa njugu ni kula moja, moja…” How true! I wish you had shared that with my ex-boyfriend, Lol!

    Happy belated birthday – I hope you enjoyed the solitude.

    I have enjoyed this post.

  10. I can see the post was re-done,..and I’m liking the additions…

  11. happy belated bday…hope you are still ENJOYING. cheers

  12. happy belated birthday… thanks for all the love! (u said i love you ladies..)

    can see ur face there, looks like 24?

  13. Yeah yeah happy birhtday…. it doesnt help much does it? where did you dissapear to? Leaving your damsel in distress!

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