i like my ladies thin ;)

June 24, 2008 at 3:49 pm | Posted in life | 11 Comments

for one mans fish…

One mans fowl
Is another mans fish
A skinny girl that’s
My ideal dish
I like them thin
And I like them lean
Because it takes a waif
To keep me keen
A skinny girl that’s
My ideal treat
For the nearer the bone
The sweeter the meat



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  1. preach, man. tell dem! [i blame that on the dancehall playing on the radio]

  2. My sentiments exactly!

  3. lol, does that mean i got me a chance with you,mmmmmhhh….time to stop trying to gain weight…lol. am addicted to eating now tho. damn!

  4. I hear ” the nearer the bone!” Lol!!

    I’m far, far away from the bone, but if I was a guy, I think I’d like skinny chicks too.

    welcome to our skinny bloc..haha..but wont magintu like majitu?

  5. Halleluyia, I thought Kenyan men like them big. Neema, let’s stop the weight gain and just go get the boyfies.

    haha mpaka you called yuaself “mahuwa” hehe..even so, you and neema, you much welcome….

  6. for once I’m left speechless reading ur blog….

  7. Lol…the sweeter the meat…had me smiling.

  8. The “skinny” in the skinny is a front, unless its a job requirement – like modelling, ballerina, gymnast. Once they bag you (read marriage), “do i look fat in this” will always be answered in “DUH”!

    funny poem.

  9. One mans fowl
    Is another mans fish

    Hear hear!

  10. Different strokes for different people.Some us like them ….I think volumptous is acceptable.

  11. Thin like Anorexic, cuz some of us are indeed thin but well endowed in the right areas….angel lola luv kinda thin….thats whati like…
    I guess you southern hospitality AKA “THICK” dont phaze you…they like to serve breast, leg, thighs…of the chicken of course!

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