‘sunday nation’ ambushed me

May 27, 2008 at 11:25 am | Posted in magazines, newspapers, whatsmakingnews | 12 Comments
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scouring for the two 20 bob coins i had in my pocket on Sunday, i bought the Sunday Nation in anticipation of a killer revelation of our state’s the dark secret.

but wapi!

their lead story and front page splash was one of great magnitude and significance promising mind blowing revelation on the life of the late revered spymaster, James Kanyotu.

i couldn’t wait to get in between the sheets with this new ‘client’ being the newshound i are.

however, i felt more than duped and my ravenous newshungry glands taken for a ride.

i mean the face of the investigative writer behind this story, one Kamau Ngotho, promised to giveout a murky-out-the-gutter never-been-heard-before investigative piece.

i was born, yesterday, i admit, but how comes nothing flew out of the page and knocked my socks off?  it was in the least, recycled news, funny bits of the spymaster’s antics…nothing more.

however, on a positive note, the story on the Moi succession and Kanyotu’s plan to make Raila Prime Minister flowed well.

indeed, a good piece of press intelligence.

i understand such matters of the state are approached with caution and thus the underlying reluctance. i can not pass my judgement on it now, but can only wait for the serie to run.


the rest of the time i stuck to the paper, it was entertaining and am still waiting for Mathiu Mutuma. SN managing editor and columnist (insight) to get back to his usual witty and humoruos pieces on Lenin’s corpse and Russian cabbages.

the surgeon’s diary, in its 28th year running was another piece i was anticipating for and having been reading it for a while, i think it was worth every inch of the two pages it got.

now, thats one writer i admire, Dr. Yusuf K. Dawood.

buzz, long lost its sting, seems to be dishing out honey instead. the graphics, for once(ok since they changed the look of it together with the whole paper) struck my sweet art eye.

the headline font they use, ugly and unappealing to me, got some magic touch. three strokes and i liked it…that p-square cover. i mean, i aint a design guru, but for an entertainment magazine, the designers need to borrow a leaf from their far ahead rival, pulse and adapt a more flexible look.

otherwise, the gills sans font is fit for classifieds and the layout drab and static.

nuuuuuuuuuuuuf sed…but before i cap this pen, i see Betty Caplan is back and this time its on a rebound on Philip  Ochieng’s article on pornography.

well….pornography in Kenya…a separate post here, we need…but while at it, can wordsmith, his penloquency the fifth columnist reply to these gaping holes poked at his intelligence?



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  1. Yeah , first.

    I miss Sunday Nation. I’ve not read one since Wahome Mutahi died, but having read this post, I guess I’ll give it another go.

  2. Nice post. Weekend newspapers… Definately they have to be something that can catch my eye and keep me interested. Lately the dailies just recycle what they offer on the prime bulletin… Still, there are some columns I read religiously like Oyunga pala in Saturday Nation and men Only in aturday Standards’s Instinct by Tony M and the lady he argues with just …on top of him with hr own column…

  3. Same here I was waiting for some real juice after just looking at the Sunday paper headline. I felt disappointed with the contents.

    The good doctor Yusuf Dawood has been writing that column since 1980! Now that’s endurance. I hope we’ll still be blogging for like 30 years to come.

    And that Rambo granny……… I hope we shall get there too.

    haha, that granny story was interesting i say. and if i may ask, why do some people seem to have a so clearly cut path?

  4. i love the SN, Mutuma mathiu the columnist, and i rem that artilce about russians and cabbages and potatoes, the rascists!

    anyway, i admire yusuf dawood too, would love to write a column of mine someday. i terribly miss wahome mutahi’s articles, though i was still in primary when reading them…am an addicted reader…

    buzz is sooo dull nowadays, considering the ‘head on corishon’ by KJ is missing, it made my sundays. enuf said.

  5. Sunday nation- did I use to read the programmes(on telly) of the week ONLY in this paper.. thanks for visiting

  6. Aaah, the Sunday Nation! How I miss it. Here in Uganda, my Kenyan Boss likes it too.

  7. Heyy, your blog is funny, I follow quite a bit. I like your writing style! ❤

    thanks a lot…some of the comments that give me the wings, ha.am in your ut-most-spere i see.

  8. I’ve been reading the Surgeon’s Diary and Gerry Loughran’s column since I was 10 I think (I’m now more than twice that)

    Got to love the Sunday Nation. How I’d love to cradle on in my arms now…yes, that’s what I’ll do; cradle it.

  9. I like Mungai Kihanya and his crazy world of numbers. Unfortunately, Online edition is not free anymore and I have missed three years publication of “The world of Numbers.” Got something from him to send to my email man?

  10. waiting for that update…as in a new post

  11. LOL! Remind me not to send you my book for a review.
    I miss the Surgeon’s Diary… Whenever I dream of writing, his comes to mind.

  12. Could you remember those days when we could relly on lyrics in YN? Burning the midnght oil craming a track and may be in vain, This are the days when they could regard Juacali/Nameless as a rapper. They then thought and renamed it to be BUZZ,we then moved ahead, but left th….. Gone are those days when…..copy a leaf from pulse.

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