square root of minus one

May 19, 2008 at 12:24 pm | Posted in life | 3 Comments

oh muse, the tenants of olympia, convene at my square and perform that damn oracle!

the opposite of six is nine, i am coming to believe.

yet, another word has joined my thesaurus, this little pet dinosaur that i love to pat and cuddle when i feel like this.

vanity, is it, that word.

fcuk vanity.

some people say vanity gives you wings, i regress. coz with the turn my mind is taking am bound to end up confined. a hole runs through me and i feel hollow, vanity is working to my undoing.

the resultant bouyancy helps me soar in search of another quest to fill the void: chasing the wind.

have you ever felt you a re stuck in life? that you’re living in a certain frozen seconds and minutes-that-stretch like hours…a fresh delivery from the ice-age?


no adverb, verb or noun seems to conjure up a perfect picture of what’s running about me.

i can feel something in my head…like a worm, coz each time it convulses, scary messages run through my spine like a thao blood thirsty spartan soldiers.

its not my heart, i swear, wait! can somebody send love this way and wait for some echo?


my veins are protruding like overgrown sweet potatoes in Dandori’s rich soil. what’s cutting?

i gather that my ancestral roots run deep and can be traced to this soil-age village.


the thought of the men who exist there scare my balls to the small intestines. they are so sick, thick as their D****.

hell No! Ever heard of the size of a potato from Dandori? the men suffer from a similar potato curse.

rumour has it that the womenfolk were scared out of the village and its happily a dick fest.

fire come down and wipe down the brood that tormenteth me at the hours of desperation!

but this cant be the dandori dna, i refute. i walk comfortably well and nothing the size of coconuts replaces my largest organ:skin.

ffwd: scrolling down my inbox, several messages drive some whims of sanity into my system. i particularly adore this one.

You are a mystery to me, I wonder what you believe you are
Your eyes are insane and I know that I should get away fast
But my feet, they are cemented into the ground on which I stand
My mouth will not move to tell you what I want from you now
I want you, you know that, don’t you?
Everything about you has me screaming in my sleep even though
I am awake and dreaming
Oh, tell me what this means!
My mind is splitting completely in two and I see your eyes all the time
I hear the tormented cries of a million banished souls
I hear my own voice join them and it echoes through the darkness
That I have found myself trapped within

for gracey, the gal my blog ‘gave’ me thanks for everything. that thing called love should still be our argument 🙂 ama aje miss boyfulani?



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  1. boyfulani, u sure u are ok? u seem to be ranting..and waxing poetical….let me finish reading first of all..

    am also in the woods abt that…am on the way to finding that out and in due time, i know i will 🙂 wow..and i like the new savvy name, ha!

  2. hehehe!! i like this post. light and playful.

    haha, thanks…i wish it could run forever…i like such moods…

    umepatikana bruh? 😀

    mimi? wapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😀

  3. Aww…been the sap I am I look for the mushy bits first..lol….so woohoo about Miss Boyfulani…errr…”the gal my blog ‘gave’ me “….?? so I’m curious may I ask how y’all met?? heehee

    The rest..wah..nimejaribu..potato curses…sijui D*** fests….mara its coconuts..no wonder gus use interesting words to find your posts.. 🙂

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