toyotas don’t stop bullets

May 2, 2008 at 1:10 pm | Posted in life | 3 Comments


everything is going nucking futs these days. the world is spinning at a speed you can only catch up with gallons of napskis and though such things as global warming are my least of worries rather the next shot of high, am dazed.

i need a break!

somebody stop the universe, i want out!ok, no this soon Jesus, Budha, Mohammed, i love you all!

today’s pulse had an interesting story of the stiptease joints in nai and i can confidently say the article was eye-opening. in all senses; from the prospective clients to the next pointer of sunday’s sermon for a newshound pastor. by the way, i had this feeling that it was rather more of a persuasive article rather than informative or better still, a condemning one. telling us where to get the best services and pay the highest…literally getting robbed off through your genitals( but its business anyway, two willing buyers and a seller, huh?)

meanwhile, some other nice thang made my heart stop. the last few weeks have been total bliss that cant all be attributed to the later.

still, she made my heart stop. havent felt it since.

see, i know my family is ocncerned. am laughing less, saying little, but they should understand; it is one of those days.

where my body soul, mind and the universe are in perfect tune.

as for the mamacita, i thought i was always safe, that the innocent glances turned too frequent were just something that would fade with time. now i believe chemistry exists and though am just counting the eggs, what the heck, its worth the risk. i can only wait and see.

i never tried too hard in my life and so far, life hasn’t dissappointed. the final moment is so great…and somehow funny- how the apple finallylands on your lap.

hope am in syn with your comprehension…coz for now, my guards are down and like the mungich leaders gunned, i have learnt that them(guards) like toyotas, cant stop…bullets.



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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. “still, she made my heart stop..”
    I love simple words that convey so much…..

  3. @valentia…simplicity is beauty, they say.

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