hakuna mapenzi nairobi!

April 17, 2008 at 9:42 am | Posted in life | 9 Comments

Arent Nairobi women fly???? or is it me who pops in the city when its supuus day out?

 hmm, at least the parking metres have long disappeared and  our crotches are much safer. besides the 360 degrees shoulder sprear you may get, its mostly blissful kodakass moments.

however, interaction and otherwise tell another story altogether. most are better left off there…for window shopping and nothing more than that. or how many people actually buy stuff on display?

i have always thought about how i could articulate  this, but never arrived on a concrete thought. not until recently with some mboiz generally analyzing our brokeassedness. whether it was out of experience, observations, dissillusionment or just sheer ignorance, the statement hit me.

ati amekunoki?..aaa..hii mapenzi ya nairobi, utaumia kijana/ she is head over heels for you..hmm..sorry brother, you will hurt yourself!

well, its true that love is never enough and a gal needs to get spoiled, but these politics of size are just dazing me. the bigger your account, car, blah… u know the list.

true love they say exists in a cover of  certain womens magazine, but at least, love in its most basic meaning does> anyone of these have any in their heart?

am probably  like a mad street preacher spreading the gospel of chastity in a brothel, but hear me out.

wasichana wa kicolle…sare tu!

 besides crytptically phrased texts with lotsa luv at the end its hardly a subject of discussion. self love possesseth them and if anything, and they are only grateful when u take them out to posh clubs, mindblowing treats and yes, send them credo once REGULARLY.

MANZE, they are so annoying at times…picture this.

phone rings…text message from She > Please Call Me thank you!

Boy sends credo…100 bob.

a minute later, your phone rings and befor you pick it, imenyongwa

She is flashing you and you call

boy > hey niaje?

she> tihihihihi..nilikuwa tu nakushow credo imefika.




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  1. i follow keenly. tis good to be young eh?

  2. apparently the bigger the mama the less your bank balance needs to be! leave colle girls alone! its a stage only! itaisha

  3. I await part 2, vile I have been out of touch as regards whats going down in nai!

  4. I got lost in between there but I guess in translation..you must buy airtime for college chicks to woo them.

    As H&H says, it will pass..when we were ion college, we had to buy other things..ahem.. yeah other things..well it came to pass.

    Now that we are older……we have to consider furnishing their apartments etc… Oh more money more problems

  5. LOL. Yaani u sent her credo and she probably used it to call some other jamaa. thats why jamaas need postpaid. You cant sambaza anyone with post paid

    haha, manze si guy hook me up with that tarrif? haha…i mean before am bankrupt!

  6. LOL! I agree, no romance bila finance. Bana, learnt the hard way in campus. Now that the bake is here, wana recognize.

  7. How come no one bought me … those days. You don’t have to prove yaself… 4 her/them to love you back, not unless u find her/them on facebook 10 yrs after Kolle, and she pays dearly by loving you back.

  8. lolllllll….now being a chic in uni..nimecheka…yaani I don’t have pals who act like that..maybe you should change the type of college chic you go for?? (swali tu)

    but that vybe about the credit..teeheehee….no comment 🙂

    valentia, kwani u know yua pals nje ndani…mostly wa huwanga undervaka bt u cnt judge.am not dating colle chicks, bt u see, i see what some of the misinformed ma-boiz fulani got through and am concerned…oh n mebe we shud up these pals of mine with pals of yuas 🙂

  9. lol
    lol lol!

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