the path of glory

April 7, 2008 at 8:26 am | Posted in life | 2 Comments
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…can be agonizing.
Well, there is something I haven’t told anyone.
A week or two ago, am not sure, I lost all the rights to semi-autonomy.
If there is such a thing as disgrace, this is.
“After the party, people go home. There is no such a thing as party values…”
“It’s high time you became part of the family.”
“Family values? You are lacking.”
In his typical FINAL and grave way of driving sense, he declared.
Truly, I must admit, I now know what/which cock crows in this his house and yes, I wonder whether sense will really sink in my head.
Damn, it’s already full! Fullo’shit that is.
I didn’t even know how to react people.
Such a free spirit as I, I was devastated to say the least. The list is long but I can’t linger on the DISS-ass-star longer than my pride can hold/last.
As I count the ‘losses’ he says they are blessings.
Yeah, trust me, the world war III will not be an American affair: it will be between the two generations.
Meanwhile, I like his attitude nevertheless.
Mum has changed, though I don’t like being around her.
Now that she knows daughter of nani is no longer in good books with moi (read she is safe…haha), hizo stori amekulia vako kiasi.
The tiger is CONTAINED.
Hey, but I love her laughter, her tiny chides at this generation and the list ends there.
I know, am young and DON’T drive it any harder in me, lest my kernel explodes.
I am not difficult, neither hard headed, my only problem is HEEDING instructions.
Hope no future employee is reading this.
At least, with therapist HIM lets assume that I’ll eventually CHANGE, ha!
Flexible, I am. Saturdays are no longer filled with me ‘reeking’ some cheap liquor and at the brink of catching the disease.
They are now filled with praise and worship. Holy dreams…can somebody say HEY MEN… for real.
True, my thoughts are more family oriented. Whiffs of responsibility are starting to waft around my being seductively…waiting for me to say the BIG yes.
The sound of quarrelling sufurias is still one I hate and as I give my small bro the world’s most genuine smile, I don’t like it when he turns into a wailing little creature.
However, I like his growth. Day by day, he is outdoing dad’s boot in size.
This path of duty…huh?
It’s long tiring but once I shoot out of it and claim my GLORY, I hope I shall have a last look.



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  1. did you say ‘part of the family’ or ‘party of the family’? just curious.

  2. Umeokoka ama sijaelewa vizuri?

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