hi-skul blues

April 5, 2008 at 12:54 pm | Posted in life | 5 Comments

those were the days. when that sister school bus carrying your ‘girlfriend’ would leave the compound, leaving in its wake a thick brown dust….engulfing the whifs of the quick dry hug you managed to squeeze out of her.

today i went to check out on my little sister in her school and well, i discovered one thing about us, whose description doesn’t really fit in the hotboy-hotgal serie…we fall in the cracks, ha!

just walk in such a school and well, they will all drool at you!

i, however understand the ‘enigma’…hw mboch wa this TA was the hottest thing ever.

hmm…will go that lane when i have enough airtime.



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  1. Bana, I volunteer for some high school enterpreneural program, and have seen that the more things change the more they remain the same. Baruas are less, siku hizi ni phone number (read sim card, good for Safaricom) but the hormones are still raging and every funki, you have to impress, even if it means vibing your 2nd cousin/neigbour…

  2. LOL! I agree… those buses haven’t changed one bit:)

  3. ala! ati moderation tena… nini hii

  4. high school reminds me of “Insyder”…the magazine???hahahaha…and listening to hits not homework for shout outs…..good times 🙂

  5. eish, my memories of school have gathered dust. but i’m connecting with that bus, si ni ya 1960-something?

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