why did the chicken cross the road?

April 1, 2008 at 7:06 am | Posted in life | 8 Comments


They say a picture is worth…a thousand feathers?



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  1. lol………… well u got to get places somehow, right?

  2. Dinner on the road, Now I know why the chicken crossed the road.

    <blockquote> kirima, u reminded me of that quote haha..hw abt it being the title?

  3. Funny….am sure the chicken died that day

  4. well if it can’t fly it can get a ride…sio?

    true dat

  5. No playing woth food.

    amen to dat..but who is? this guy is serious men! i dont think the police traffic cn arrest such..what u think?

  6. er…yes…a few feathers, you know these are the kinda of pics that make a woman miss home!!!
    i like the view…

    <blockquote>its good it gave u nostalgia….when r u coming home? i’ll chase one for you..

  7. Lunch?
    looks like it!

  8. ^^ Ya know that chicken was dead by the time u uploaded this pic. Damn i miss that gool ol kienyeji chicken……..

    really? chicken have along life my dear. he was sure going to sell it or something.
    haha ati good ol kienyeji..they got damn hard meat!

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