go mugabe go!

March 31, 2008 at 7:49 am | Posted in life | 7 Comments

bd-president-libya-muammar_gaddafi.jpgcobwebs cobwebs!

thats what i have found hia, bt a writer, words and art only get better with time, right?

i wonder what happens to blogs.

anyway, i had to this write up after reporting kwa offe and the first news that hit my screen are the tussle in Zim.

i ama great admirer of Mugabe especially the way he stands for what he believes and doesn’t matter if the whole world is against him.

the only problem is, he seems to stand for the wrong policies, but then, si its the same britain the awarded him with a doctorate?

whatever the case, i think the case in Zim now is so similar in to Kenya’s own messed up elections that i think it will go the kenyan way.

chaos! chaos! chaos!

remember when our dailies carried a story saying how Mr. Mugabe was telling his ‘country men’ not to go the ‘Kenyan way’?

well, i have that this feeling that the opposition guys, akina MDC, SEEING how ODM in Kenya has pushed for the ‘power sharing’ and finally got it, if they are not going to be pulp or rotting in the grave…they will push for it.

ha!only that mugabe is wrong guy to fuck with!



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  1. I got no love for Uncle Bob..the old man is a psycho with attitude

  2. In total agreement with you here, Kina Morgan Tsha…whatever are trying to pull and ODM there… A polite stunt but not Mugabe, that dude doesnt look like he can f*** around with stuff like power sharing…

  3. boi ur a nutter for even mentioning ‘go mugabe go’ but yeah, i agree with you. the opposition want to go the ODM way, baba annan to interven and eureka, they share power. i smell a rat!

  4. Mugabe should go away

    amen to that!

  5. To Hell is straight on, 2nd exit at rounderabout and turn left. Smoke burning, waiting for Unble Bob. Shindwe.

  6. Mugabe should go to his retirement home. He has been an ineffective president since early 2000’s and all the policies he has passed have been to help him stay in power.

    Zimbabwe deserves better leadership!

  7. “go mugabe go” as in leave ama what?

    the opposition needs to win banaaa, time for the ‘millionaires’ to go…

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