Jesus blogs!

March 26, 2008 at 7:12 am | Posted in greatmen, life | 5 Comments

Only today, Christ resurrected.
Was it 10,000 BC?
But he could have lived way ahead of His time, right?
Don’t matter!
The passion of Christ overwhelms me and my essence.
Upon him, he took the curse.
The curse bestowed on whoever hangs on the tree
“Cursed was the maaaaaaaan…” the street evangelist charges.
A section of the crowd shuffles. With zest unmatchable, he dashes from edge to edge.
Edge, is the delicate line formed by his listeners presumably maintaining a ‘safe distance’.
What are they afraid of? The preacher or the message?
Or they could they drop dead.
Their sins!
Argh! They stink.
They resembled an amorphous body with distinct heads against the milieu of scanty shop lights at a distance.
A section of them are visible.
“He took all your sins on the crosssssssss…” from the a-bit-too-loud Ahuja speakers, the determined voice, pours out.
Maybe I should get convicted.
Or someone else in the crowd.
“Lemmie ask you something, Christ was God in the human body sindio?”
C this witty chick whose attempts at ‘intellectuality’ amuses me asks.
I sit next to her every other Tuesday. I call them ‘dark Tuesdays’. Ha-ha.
She is a dark child, with very white teeth and the shine of my gaze bounce off her teeth to the time I wrote such an article.
‘How human was Christ?’
It was almost not published. My campus paper thought it was too anti-Christ
“But wait, he lived up to 33… I mean it doesn’t make sense…”
I guess what’s coming and I stare right on.
“Did he have a girlfriend?”
Mary Magdalene giving birth to the babies of Jesus…
Immortal Technique’s somber Latino vocals sip through my mind.
Al Aksa…
I block them.
Periphery information.
Kwani there will be a Heltel Challenge quiz on the pearl gates with Judge Peter?
“Which marketing concept did JC use on Maggy?”
Judas is making faces at you on the OTHER side.
C, see, I am about twenty something and me, am talking about TERMS.
Ah, you mean sex?
Like Pilato, not of the Jesus trial, it’s about presidential terms.
And you know, manze, some presidents, life Gaddaffi are for life. Even for dead.
If Christ lived today, could he have a blog?



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  1. LMAO! ati would Jesus Have a blog?
    This Maggy storo has brought lots of controversy but I believe it!

    i opt not to. just to keep my thoughts holy…haha, jesus’s new blog would be called JESUS BLOGS…as in Jesus walks..haha

  2. yes of course Jesus would def have a blog, he woulda needed it to spread the gospel..the internet is a powerful tool!!

  3. Maggy loved Jesus dead or alive, she wanted Him (His body) even when He was in the grave.

    Blogging, I’m not sure, but come to think of it, The 10 comandments were delivered to Moses in the form of email, (next attraction in mine).

    Si Gadaffi, Mu7, Mugabe, Castrol, they are a hybrid.

    i think they both did love each as much as jesus had agape love..i guess he also had philia..and more IMPORTAntly..eros….LMAO, ati the ten commandments via email…Gaddaffi..and the rest..though we hate them.. i have some sort of admiration for them.

  4. hizo marelationship zake sielewi, let me first sort out mine with him kabla niingilie zake…

    would he have a blog? hmmmmmmm….

  5. I can swear I didn’t write the last para.

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