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yesterday was a sad day for me.
one of my bestfriend’s dad was laid to rest.
although i did not attend the funeral, i visited him during the mourning period to offer him my condolences.
manze some things come out hard. what would i tell him, after many months of not meeting him? where would i start? would i say i understand how he feels about the demise?
i realised that my presence was honor enough because, i could not lie that i really understood what he was going through. he put on a brave face and didn’t look like one who was mourning his dad. but, i dont have the power to see beyond the surface.
‘councillor’ as we playfully call him in our friendship circles, in one different fellow.
whats more, the passing on of daddy seems to have strangely strengthened the passion of what he does, considering his father was the closest person in his life.
as he narrated the ‘last moments’ with dad, i couldn’t fail to notice someone with the confidence that even though things happened this way, there is still the everlasting hope  of re-uniting.
his impact in C’s life is imminent and me knowing his story, he has a resolve, a story to tell…a life to live and souls to save.
well, to make the story even longer, i have known C since we were in primary school.
a puffed up dude who always has mature looks, even in Std 1! with brown teeth, a bossy upward stare, si mudhii utadharau…
soon as praima was over, we bumped again in high school…now, C was a fully fledged buda!
but in as much as we hailed from the same neighborhood, we were never really up that close.
we may have ahd the same course, but we blew kyushu** from different quarters.
he hasd this click of die hard nuts that will forever remained etched in my memory of high school strikes.
everyone knew their ‘core business’ as princi would always hail on the parade grounds//
pot, pot, pot…and nothing more than mary jane…add to it a share of ‘butterfiles- where your box was kanyagwad katikati inainuka kaa inataka ku-fly….theivery high class kabisa, kuhanda ma-mono…all those vices, C was a chief player here.
but like all things, it had to come to an end.
C was nubbed one evening with his pals, incarcerated and eventually expelled!
this lead to the most deadly and witty strike i had ever seen. see, akina C were nubbed at kedo 8 30pm, having skived preps to puff some..we came to know of it at around 9pm and from 10pm after preps, studez had converged kwa offe ya depa where they were held.
” manze akina mfure wamepatikana,” whispers went round.
mfure for your novice was actually the reverse of mrefu..which again was the name given to the shortest dude in chuo…who hailed from eastlando..and had a record to match that.
now 11pm, people had started leaving for the dorms…and we got a rude shock at kedo 12 15.
” ofisi ya depa imewaka!” crys of agony lent the night..
“uuuuuuuuuuuii..kamebite, kameivana..”
yeah, in truth…something bad was happening. we found the depas office with large flames of a feiry fire lapping it with such determination that there was nio hope of recovering anything.
am sure, if i had a camera, the photo would make it to the backpage of a local daily.
well, C’s friends had done it….but akina C had been taken to a police station by then and these guys thought that the 21 rolls found on mfure were in that office, thus the logic’ of burning it up. the span of time it took for this to happen still remains a mystery. todate, the office has never regained the glory it had…and what with a whole library reduced to ashes..
FFWD: it is really touching to see how C’s life has changed. whereas he said goodbye to kaya, ma tap, beer, illicit sex and that whole package…he is now pursuing a college diploma in theology. a full time minister..wakati sisi tuna-do tu ma course zitaingisha dough..but its a calling, you know.
” the purpose of this life is to live right for God. all other things are commentary, be it a job, wife, inheritance ***he posed to point at the land his dad left behind*** everything..its all commentary.”
commentary, he told us was this book they have in theology college which has many historical facts about the biblcal years that are not found in the Bible. though it is important, it just compliments the Bible.



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  1. pole to your ‘kanjora’ buddy.

    the purpose of life i sto enjoy it while living ryt for God, your neighbour and yourself…

  2. Trust me your presence speaks louder. Words tend to be meaningless in such time because it is different for everyone.

    God has a plan for each one of us!

  3. such is life my dear!

  4. Our friends’ presence is important, he may seem strong now, but he still needs you. Be there for him.
    i was there for him, at least, i tried. thanks for the sentiments

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