Vitu fulani za u-non sense zangu

March 5, 2008 at 9:45 am | Posted in life | 15 Comments

1. I dislike  small ladies with BIG voices
2. Like modo, I  don’t like passing by a place twice. No coz of my  hair, but I don’t love familiarity!
3. Well, with this rate that am biting my  nails, I may soon have no arms! This ka- idiosyncrasy which I base in the fact that nail biters are ‘great thinkers, responsible and very reflective’  is one that am not stopping be honest. Probably till I chew my arms off!
4. Swam for the first time on sato! I told u, I don’t like water…hehe
5. I read newspapers like novel. From page one mpaka….not excluding obituaries!
6. am looking forward for this ka-strand of beard to chomoza….
BONUS: boobiesmakemesmile J
Haya..brye, Frankie, bella, young xtian sista..nyi wote..chako!



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  1. i feel you on 3…I do it especially when am stressed and looking for a way out..guys laugh when they see my nail…great post

  2. Boobies? Thats a first!

    There are legz guys, butt get the a boobz guy!

    So i cant understand why you would smile instead getting an urge to touch, fondle them or….?

  3. funny list. yani you mean you never accidentally fell into a bath tub when you were a kid and had to ‘swim’ out?

    LOL at # 1

  4. I like the bonus best!

    I like the boobs one more 🙂

  5. One word for you Boyflani…Chubli! ndani ya maji…


  6. LOL at seasons. enyewe, kusmile tu?

    mazee, tulikuwa tunatupwa by force tukiwa primo into a pool so i had to ‘learn’ for my survival. wondering, is doggy paddle a swim style?

    what’s a big voice? loud? ama ni yule utadhani ni jamaa usiku mkipatiana small talk…

  7. Chali yangu, sasa makucha ukila zote utajiscratch bolingo na what?

    That namba 5 is like my dad, if it is written/printed, he will read it.

  8. Kastrand of beard lol so its smooth like face.
    Now woiye si you stop eating those kuchas and see me sides ways I manicure them.

    manze at least, i have something hapoz..hii story ya kufreeziwa kwa club haileti biddi..haha…n hiyo story ya manicure..uko sure sitaikula? 😀

  9. My first time here. Like you, I hate big voices.
    Big voices are baaad, reaally reaaaally bad.

    they sound so unnatural….dayyyyyym..make me feel creepy!

  10. Interesting list……. there’s a lot of swa going on…translations please?? anyone?

  11. what exactly is a BIG voice?? A shrill one???loud one???deep one???elaborate tafadhali..

    why do you bite your nails??you should weka that disgusting stuff on ur’ll never bite them again

  12. All boobies make you smile? I can just picture you at a strip joint… biting your nails and smiling in between… then you happen to notice somebody’s newspaper and now you are torn between the three….. and you scratch at a beard that is not there in bewilderment.

  13. nice list here boyfulane..
    used to kula my kuchaz back in the days… i still nibble em from time to time. kwanza when am in deep thought .. its reflex cant help it
    i know how it feels like to have that ka strand chomoka bt wait until enuff of them chomoka n they are a bother tsk tsk!…
    bt being frozen it’l still happen until u learn to tip bouncers n call them boss.. its easy

  14. ROFL @ 6. Let me know when that happens

  15. im guilty of numba 3 nearly chewing my arm off!But hey… we are great thinkers lol.

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