code name: man of no order

February 22, 2008 at 6:29 am | Posted in life | 6 Comments

To be honest, i almost cried that day. I have had humiliating things in my life but these guys managed to crush the self esteem i had accumulated for many years.
Recounting the event years later, it reads like a big joke, but at the moment, it was a matter of your tears, shrilly voice and merciless bullies who seeminglyhad no morsel of mercy left in their footballish heads. Now that it was arule for everyone to shave.
The story of the form two boy who died in a bullying case is yet another blot in this practise that is not about to end. My heart goes out to the affected family.
As for the culprits, ill only phrase one sentence for them, from the most interesting \joka story av ever read “ its a joker plot that will haunt years on.
On the same vein, i think in part, it was kinda fun. The ingenuity and conspiracies hatched to bring you down to the ground level were tottally humbling. Almost foolproof.
I remember one guy strutting into our room dressed in blue carrying a reciept book with mean looking accomplices in tow.
“moooooono!uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiii..nikiingia kwa cube yako unafaa kusimama atention!”
Tendrils of sleep had started engulfing me and this caught me unawares, so i hesitated. dude, i never made a bigger mistake than to sleki on an order given ‘bigboyshotcaller’.
The whooshing sound of belts landing on my poor self told me better and they were raining them mercilessly…as i threw the blankets as if they were on fire, standing attention as if i had been electrocuted.
Funny enough, they all burst out laughing…and i stood there like a square triangle..terrified by being woken up by brutal belts, and the fools laughing like it was the funniest thing to ever happen in their lives.
“ haiya, mono, kwani unaenda games???? Ehhh? Unaezaje lala na games kit?…ebu kwanza jog…” the crook in blue coughed.

I had blue shorts, and a branded navyblue t-shirt. The school’s prescribed gameskit. Whyhadn\t i brought my mickey  mouse pajamas along?
The questione never stopped flooding. On the other hand and  In fear of getting another beating , i started spot jogging…on a spring bed that was hammock like…thus i was being thrown up n down, in a cartoon like gesture…they dint tell me to stop and as my world spun on shame and humilation as the goons watched.

unexpectedly, a  hot liquid thing rolled down my flushed and red as beetroot cheek. For a moment, i though it was a blood….
It was a teardrop!

I dont like recounting what followed afterwrad after i gave them this resilient stare of like…

niggaz, you made me cry??????”
They walked away, screaming and making jubilations.
a man in tears? i had never heard of that…but if iw as ever a man to them, i was a man on no order: m.o.n.o



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  1. hahaaha. pole rituals mate, rituals.

    that whole practice is a blot. alafu, square triangle? ati, mickey mouse pyjamas, unacheza na watu nini? they would have asked you if you were a rat, and you never know what you would have been told.

    LOL! nimecheka, remembering the stuff of genius they would dream up…eish!

  2. It was a long time ago but Dude I can still remember mine. I was told to apply Vaseline to a tree from ground up. A long story but very embarrassing.

    I am amazed at the extent of how far this monolizing thing can go. I read somewhere that in America, they have formed groups against their form which is called Hazing. It is different but still traumatic.

  3. Pole sana. This scourge is going to be with us for a long time and just takes different forms in different places at different ages.

    ni sha poa…the scary thing is that its getting ugly…

  4. Dude, you just needed the right body size, and crowd 🙂

    I have tagged you on my blog, so get to jua the rules, and do as required. I will be waiting for the post ASAP.

    al be right thea..and what do u mean by body size? as if u get them from the shop…

  5. mazee…pole for what you went through.

    nimeshapoa baba

  6. looks like your popular..Ive tagged you as well 😉

    goes without saying..:) by the way…you been lost? its we caught up!

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