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January 25, 2008 at 8:24 am | Posted in life, randommoments | 8 Comments

punctuality is a virtue to uphold if you want to avoid pee-pole, they say. again, they counter say that punctual people are those who have nothing to do..arghh..confused they-ism!

boyfulani, if you care to know, is a chronic latecomer. he has always something to do before doing what he is ‘supposed’ to do.

anyway, must i always greet people anytime i come before the lecturer? this morning i attended my first class and i met no new faces. oh, manze, am growing old. when u kosa freshmen in yua class, know u going to get packed in a class full of’ T.T.Y’s- tired third years! so, of course, they are all familiar and i had to smile extra harder as i passed my salams….almost cracked there.

meanwhile, my life is in a pretty mess.i have said this many times but i cant dare mention the details. nitakosa bibi 🙂 ha, whatever that may mean to you.

its a new year and there is nothing that is really charming. well, i know i may have to look deeper , but why must we dig so deep to find anything precious? i mean, should pain be always an equivalent of value? take for instance me. am so open to explore…wonder if there is more to me than meets the eye.

i want to make more friends and enemies this sem. the old ones are boring me out of this world and are just as unappreciative as ever. why do we always look at the face value of someone?

i dont know what they think of me as a ‘friend’ but in as much as am concerned, am good!

altogether, i think i have lost tonnes of confidence. reason, i dunno! but am still cool with life, and like the ever elusive weight, i’ll gain it with time.

yester, for lack of a better thing to do, i went to lounge in the 101_0743.jpgcampo common room. it was filled to the brim, thanks to the slow start of the sem. as i tafutad a ka-space to fix my ass, i spotted and empty one. actually, there was a ka-chick who had spread her goodies like it was a her grandma’s sofa. well, after i enquired about the possibility of propping up my ass against hers, she shrugged and pulled her sorry self together- albeit reluctantly.

hmmpph! when will some people learn that the holiday is over and this is not their mama’s back yard?

well, i never take chances…and went ahead ‘to ask ‘about something…smiling benevolently.


cleary, any chit chat was unwelcome. i sat next to the be-whore- tiful babe for the rest of the movie..with the skull and bones insignia murderously playing in my head..hehe.

anyway, its funny how everyone tends to think that a guy greeting a chick is probably interested. i know strangers are scary, especially to gals, but…i just wonna make whatever way not excluding ‘naive’.

and no matter how friendly your gestures could be, some people’s coldness just kick the sizzle out of it.

make someone smile today.



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  1. woyee!
    kwani u went in your slippers mpa she refused to acknowlege your presence?

    hmmmm..not a smart dude.

  2. lol…I second bryjoe…ama maybe she just didn’t want to talk to anyone..and you got caught in the line of fire..there are times the sight of a man just irritates the heck out of me..and no..before you say it..not only during that time of the

    why do you want more enemies???

    am sho am up for the game..just a random game gone too far…and for lack of a better thing to observe, women suffice as great prey for de aiz..enemies? the more u have them..the more pressure there is to succeed and exceed their limitations and playahating…otherwise, friends tolerate yua mediocreness…and hail it as yua best shot when u can do better..makes sense?

  3. i am smiling, just dont ask why… 🙂

  4. kwaaaaaaani….. 🙂

  5. Cry me a river, oh, cry me a river. Dude, maybe she’s just not that int o you! Get it into your head!

  6. She sounds like me only that I do it because I’m shy. I like to be cautious with people before I let them in.

  7. Pia mimi, Peace.

  8. si unemshow wewe ni BF na hutaki BeeF unataka kuwa tu B/F na G/F …

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