the backlash of the ‘not-so-fly’

January 21, 2008 at 10:36 am | Posted in d8ingame, he-motions, msheflani | 5 Comments

as a dude, i think there is no greater gift on earth than having an adoring girl.woman. lady…. whoever is in your life.humble, submissive, generous(ahem) caring, not-so-possesive and the nice bundle that comes with a girl who thinks you are the whole world to her. mostly, they refer to them as plain jane or simply the girl next door.

i find the term not-so-fly more appealing.

yaani,she is the ideal every sense of the word(though they are mostly slightly injured dang!). all men may want to be seen with the hippiest, fly and hot mamas around but not as many would rush them down the aisle.or who would like all attention on his wife once they tie the knot? i mean, its cool to know that your girlfriend is being hit on by other guys(or chicks hehe)- at a safe distance…but wife? u got reason to mourn. however, as they come, even me is caught in the frenzy. seductive, half naked, show stoppers, jaw droppers…they generally create Kodak moments.mostly, they are taken as strophies.. to bag, bang, brag then bash off…

meanwhile, behind every well-meaning guy’s wild fantasies is the ideal girl that he likes. or loves. she may be the girl next door,  but us being men, we go round and round the block before finally arriving at her doorstep, never really stopping to ask for ‘directions’.sadly, this usually comes as a last result.she will receive you with open hands and love when the world frustates you. never mind the world here includes the other mama you are cheating on her with. still, i dont think this is desperateness . its an inspiration to those who just let go easily. the belief that the man they love will change sometime is their religion and the genuine ones hold it to the grave. she is a total woman and duly brushes your ego till it shines…regardless of all your shortcoming. to her, you are the greatest man on earth. you maybe a loser out there but her words are the driving force in life .she has faith in you, and like the hope she holds on that you will change…you also know you will make it, regardless of the ‘impossibility’ of breaking out from the ‘losing crowd’.

further in life, you may be a father. and as fate would have it, she is the mother. u sprung up!…’against your will/wish’ and your reactions(predictably negative) doesnt really deter her ‘love’. it seems to grow stronger. true to the dettol advert, she has ‘two babies’ and will take care of them selflessly.

big ups to all baby mamas out there..ah.. and those real ladies out there who show real love to the men in their lives, just like that.

now, the hard task is picking out genuine love out there. unfortunately, most of this heavenly babes do not have a matching eminence in their looks department. men are visual you know and in the bid to have the ‘finest’ they overlook this gem of a me and as a sober guy, they are the most beautiful women on earth.they may not be all that yadda, but they are queens.

the most heartwrending thing is that when you are frustatrated by the so called every-one’s dream and whole lot of kawa relationshits…..and there is this sudden gush of have…a ‘real woman, erm , dawg, records have it that u have to stretch and cast your nets wider.pray the whole EAC thing succeeds!



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  1. i see you are back!

    and with a beng…lol

  2. The times we live in call more for a woman with a good head on her shoulders

    amen to that

    than they do for hips, lips and all that’s sweet. I would rather go for plain Jane next door that makes my heart glow every time that we are alone than super-fly Beyonce across the bar who’s true value is already apparent and the surprises may be more than you can handle.
    Besides, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and there are really no ugly women if you were to take a more holistic view to things.

    by taking about ‘not so fly’ i mean through the eyez of a kawa dude…not ugly per se..though in the grim reality, there are mamas who are ‘injured’. objectively, beauty is personal and no one has a right to define it for another.

  3. like some musician said”love is wicked”and am thinking that has some bit of truth.
    glad you looked poutside the are getting wiser 🙂

    lazima i grow hahaha….at least, not only expanding my belly but head

  4. “love is wicked” that song..aki they should have come to Kenya..damn!!!

    anyhu..I really hate that term “Babymama”..hai..why would you want to introduce yourself as someone’s babymama??afadhali you say “mama so and so”

  5. Soma kwa bidii and God’s favour for 2008 regarding punctuality, bibi and other issues.

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