December 27, 2007 at 3:23 pm | Posted in life | 6 Comments

am happy kidogo and sad sana..first, allow me to laugh off some young dude seated next to me in the cyber first. well, gone are my porn days(not as an coincidences, u know). i aint a peeping tom, but well, as i waited for my comp to be unlocked, he was busy googling.

of course, pornography, you may say…but hewwl no..he typed ‘ponografy’ and i dint want to ‘defile’ my body with the results…

but well, it seems its his first and he is more than willing to- break it!

ok, today i did my first voting and am happily flashing off my v- card! it was exciting and besides the usual hulaballoo…i guess i have reason to piga domo, right?

hope u did get the badge too.

am sad because WHY THE HELL DID THE have to kill Bhutto?

my heart weeps with the Pakistanis, and all those who share my sentiments.



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  1. good to know u got the purple pinky too!

    about surfin porno kwa cyber….
    realy bold move, kwanza the way ‘everybody minds their own bizness
    wonder how many times u done it?!

    merry election day

  2. yeah si am sad as well coz of Bhutto’s sudden and sad.

    ati he typed ‘ponografy’?? hahaha and you’re nice i’d have been so tempted o tell him and see him turn the darkest shades of red!

    happy new year Boyo.

  3. Mhh, our country is going through serious turmoil. First Bhutto, then this..What is the world coming to seriously? Be safe out there.

  4. ati” ponografy” dude kwani you were voting whhhear?
    happy Nu year !

  5. type it as you say it!

    wassap dude? new year good?

  6. Let the boy grow. One day he will not want to touch porn

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