a non-eventual sem

December 18, 2007 at 8:29 am | Posted in d8ingame, he-motions, life, mathomo, msheflani | 4 Comments

finally, this thing has drawn to a close and i cant be more happy. happy and sad at the same time.like peter marangi.  sad because i got to kiss blogging goodbye, 24 hour hindanet(internet) connection,oh and the babes that come popping by office brightening my day up. add to that the classes, lessons…and the whole package of reeeeally hawt classmates.

however, little seems to have changed and the sem has ended b4 it even begun for me. see, when dad and i used to attend those teenage seminars and the issues of messy bedrooms was mentioned, he always gave me this look of , ” ehe, you hear son?” but its been ages (albeit am still in my twenteens) and yet..nothing muuuch has changed.

i still wonder how i chose a career path in Design(which is all about order, synchronisation and all) yet my bedroom is a replica of a roadside bomb in an unmarked street in Baghdad…well not that messy, but be sure everything is in bundles.neat bundles 🙂

explanation? every piece of art goes through messy phases, doesnt it?

meanwhile, i was always presentable descent through out the sem, having to pull out of the muddle every morning- coming out really clean.

…but it would be unfair to speak of a general stagnancy yet my paroz bank vault are 150-plus K less that this school has robbed us in His name. i wish i would have received an equal share of;

  • services-dang! the services we get fall way below this high-fee mark and i wonder how much more i should pay to be treated like a piece of crap. hope i aint de-marketing the institution..but well..truth be told!
  • brains- i aint sure this is really what my heart wanted to do but this is a suicidal statement..in the sense that Dad would shoot me on sight in regard to the astonomical haemorhage his salo is undergoing to finance me….still, i learnt mob things, dont label me a brat i surely chased ujinga and ignorance…..

the list is long and i dont want to turn into a whine-baby. i appreciate what God has given me and this far, He is Ebenezer in my life..

can some-buddy say Amen!!?

away from the outrageous costs of eliminating ujinga, classes have been one part of campo life that made my days. save for the lecturers with the unnerving ability to sap life even out of the most interesting subjects(even sex.haha). especially the u-know-who who really kept me totally involved and engaged in kirathi-tatally, yeah…? back cracks and kata thendes(they call them g-strings) were unsightly, but for lack of a better thing to look at….*clear throat**

Again, cupid failed miserably. but my heart? it dont ever quit! though there was a close shave with it, or something to that effect…i breezed through it all quite well.

the said ‘shave’ was with one Koi. a laid back, less-sophisticated babe with a negilible accent(at least when she held my attention). aki, she was the who started it. don’t even remember how i came to know her..but well, i know i do. the text led to one thing and i was taking the next step- naturally! johnnie, ever the big event planner had it all laid out. though me and him knew it was an almost impossible task…what with her tendencies being more ‘my brother boyfulani, tell us what the lord has done in your life…”

damn..i cant tell rest of the story, but be sure,  i never looked her direction again.

i want to remain pure!

oh, one more thing...alllow me to thump my chest kidogo. for the umpeenth time, somebody told me they like my smile.ati they will miss it yaani and am like..whoa? why hasnt it dazzled someone to meet me half way n we get something going? wishful thinking! but surely..most ladies dig it hehehe


ahem, thats how the sem basically was..nothing really big to write home about>ended just like this post.



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  1. New to boyflani, but already a fan! at least you are following a passion you have at present. Who sez u have to have the same job for life? That being said,we never quite get to ‘see’ that Quencher smile.
    “Hebu jitokeze jionyeshe, simama mbele ya watuuu”
    As you pack yourself from the sem into elections, remember that your fanbase awaits the next post!

    yeah, i’d better be living out my passion than playing poker with my life…furthermore, job juggling is fun and cashes boredome out of life…hehe for the smile- ebu ikiche 🙂 hehe.nitajitokeza nione kama nitajishindia.thanks for checking out ma mass-scan, u much welcome.come again another day..and with your friend too!

  2. happy holidays!!!!!

  3. relaax! cupid will show up just when you’re enjoying the fact that you’ll be single and you are finally happy…hehehehehehe, harsh, but wengi wamesema na ninasema pia (nani asisome hii uuuuui)

    and ati with that smile, er, the gods will be smiling on you. ngoja tu. life inangoja uwe experienced ndio upewe mtu…

    ati design is about order…hmmm, depends, is it creative order? another of looking at your mess is, it’s organised mess, and original as it is. order, er, can’t say yes, can’t say no. besides, you should see my desk and crib..wacha niwachie hapo.

    cheers homz, we enjoyed following your escapades during the sem, and yep, we’ll be waiting.

    do have a happy holiday and blessed 2008

  4. haha i guess that’s the longest post you ever done and boy did i like it..

    that sem of ures had drama galore and yes, i remember every shiro and koi that caught your attention !! am counting them haiiya..how else will i know whose arse to whip once i ..*aii lemmie stop&* tihihi

    ati you hav a nice smile?..they’ll miss it?..loolll me too. tuonane ’08, happy new year boyo!!

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