at least, am present today

December 17, 2007 at 1:39 pm | Posted in poetry | 3 Comments

I have been more content after a six pack.
I have been more inspired after a few bong hits.
I have been more on the ball after a double espresso.
I have been happier on anti-depressants.
I have been more sensitive on w**d.
I have been more transcendent after an eighth of mushrooms.
I have been more electrifying on acid.
I have been more restful on black tar opium.
Today, I fear for the future.
Today, I am anxious about whether the stove is really off.
Today, I am angry at the system and even at family that I love.
But, today, I am present here today.



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  1. okay…cryptic…or am i on a different plane??

  2. tandra, its the addicts’ theme…if you have ever been dependent on substances then you would totally relate…coz i feel the last lines are kind of like the moment of claritry…when you are sober and ish actually bothers you as you resent the sobriety and miss the state of highness that the body and mind have become accustomed to….

    but then again, that’s just me……

    love the design of the blog duke!


  3. and tomorrow you’ll be aight!

    LOL at bella…eh, experience…

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