jam-hooray day

December 13, 2007 at 6:59 am | Posted in life | 3 Comments

it was a well deserved break for me. i think i have worked hard enough to deserve even more, don’t you think? hey! but jana was really the climax of it all, if you read the ‘exam’ post.

i had two of them and they preffered to munch  me raw. luckily though, the brilliant prof knew of his misdeeds and gave us a mutliple choice-true or false exam short answer term paper!

wasnt it not for the distance, would have rushed over and given him a bone-breaking hug.

thanks for your support, though.and the concern.

meanwhile, my jamhuri was cool, laid low and i had really quiet moments to think about my fusha. woke up late and the realisation that i have only two more exams to go makes me feel over the moon and free-er and given a chance, i can fly!

so, i hope you all had a great jamhuri day.wot were you really upto?

am out!



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  1. you don’t want to know. erm, thinking about it, neither do i.

    <blockquote> you sure must have up to no good, yeah?

  2. Child, I was working! The news media is not exactly the place for holidays, public or otherwise. You know: mohoro mwaki mwaki 😀

    <blockquote>hhmm…as if we work for ngeta press 😉

  3. herro!am liking the new header picture 🙂

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