December 11, 2007 at 6:17 am | Posted in life | 6 Comments

phew!today is the killer day and i cant keep quiet anymore. i have two killer papers and i have to shift the blame on someone  now.

well, it is now dawning on me that this lecturer gave us only four pages of the whole semesters load. we have to pay for his sins.

am afraid.



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  1. relax dude! you’ll do fine. KCSE sikusoma hata bio ya form four even one sentence, and i did fine, didn’t panic. didn’t need to coz they never asked even one form four bio question…so usijali things will be amazingly aight!

    all the best dude!

    manze i managed to breeze through it all successfully now that the lecturer realised his mistake and brougth us multiple choices answers!wwwwhoa! i closed my eyes and just wrote..ABCDBCDA heheh..thanks for all your support though!

  2. all the best


  3. u shall over come.


  4. U will pass usijali.

    I thought Tandra said “u shall come over” then i read again. Not very lucky you.

  5. Child, you only have 4 pages of notes. Did you ask the focused types how may volumes of the same course? Knowing you, I wouldn’t be surprised. You are too busy listening to ‘Capitho’s sexy ads.’ That will be your undoing.

    He he, daddy is out 🙂


  6. so how were the papers?? ehe ebu peana update chap chap..or is the silence to scare me?

    <blockquote>they are now awwright..i mean i hope so coz am about to finish

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