mini-post: my ka-life

December 4, 2007 at 7:47 am | Posted in blogging, Uncategorized | 6 Comments

“they tell me to think outside the box/but my mind is the devil’s playground”- Jadakiss

yesterday i captured some few images that rotate my life and i thought it cool to share.yeah, i admit, crazy things do have their fine abode in my upstair compartment but what to do if i notice on too late ;)?

my life is one little mess and one little tumbling on the other end of the world. i mean, its a neat one. a neat mess.just

i got some pals that i really like to hang around(reverse that pris, they like my…pliz, focus on her face hehe.oh, want a number?

my wall littered with beaus’s wallpapers  who cant help but oggle and watch over the sleeping hunk of a much for being in BT..

well, friends, when i say i wake up early and i go to chase aways my consistent stupidity…i really mean it. this part of the kedo 1.2 km that i cover every morning be4 reaching the mat stage..cover another 2 km..then board the campo bus….another kedo 9km, then am expected to b in kirathi b4 8:30.what a life.

its been long since i met pretty bloggers….any one out there feeling pretty enough to be met by me? 😉

tilt your comp to see this one.hope its not too dark..but it captures the virtues, i as a young man strongly chant, hold dear to my heart and not only champion for..but live the talk..what a other words i mean..nimechill(there’s a very serious sticker over my bedpost hapo..

my oldschool desktop.the exact location i leave my heart, lest cupid strikes…notice the piece of the iceberg..newspapers, i really devour them.

erm wots more?al check on other layter..cheerz




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  1. That road looks familiar ..very familiar..where is that?

    really? but i suspect it aint wot u think

  2. it was hard trying to concentrate on her face.

    erm, yeah

  3. can i have that #….its for my office mate 🙂

    sure, can i have yours in turn 😉

  4. oh she has a face?

    i think she does

  5. Modo..iiiiiiiiishshhhhhhh!!!! that Lower Kabete road? aki inakaa tu.

    that old school no comment!

    lower kabete.. i once dated a chick from those sides but i got no idea huko ni wapi..lakini ni kwa mababi hehhe…so we ni babi?

  6. kabete sio ka mababi…dude, huko ni ocha mbaya…si huko ni ile road ya chuo huko 5 kilometres away…

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