Lovers and friends 2

December 4, 2007 at 6:12 am | Posted in d8ingame, he-motions, life, msheflani | 1 Comment

ooooooooooops!? i wrote the other post nikiwa mandukulu mbaya hehehe…never mind!Anyhow, sometimes back I wrote an article by this name and it was the only article that elicited some good response, I being an obscure young blogger then. And I think I should now do it again after some encounter today.
Why is it that when you mess with a chick you mess with all her pals? Even if it was all her fault why do they take offense? C’mon,  just touched one of their own?
I got to inbox this chick while I was in the ‘sunset years’ of my high school and coincidentally, another dead gorgeous mama hamia-ad near my crib and no dude was ever born lucky hehehe.
Hitting on two mamaz from different estates with one being a trophy prize just gave me the psyche and spirit.
Eventually, the hood hotcake ingiad bosk and I was a walking stud. Whilst the other laid back was responding quite well, my heart was pumping blood at its best then. With respect earned from the conquest and an ‘emergency’ one by the side, I wasn’t having the cake, icing and even a cheering squad.
Sincerely I  was torn between the two. The laid back one was the perfect gal friend while this other trophy one was ‘yeah-dude-check out what ‘car’ drive and they both mattered!
As fate would have it, with the hot mama causing ripples in the hood, I went ahead to ‘flaunt’ her at our  ka-local church where al hood teeniez would converge for ‘spiri matters;. Unknown to me, there was this other chick who was the Ms. Laid Back’s best friend.
She is the one I met today and even though its one year and upusi months since I meddled with her pals heart and was labeled ‘a bad boy’…the ‘hatred still lives on’.
Then, I couldn’t feel the sting of their hostility towards me as I was over the moon with the hoods most sought after azz…but now, sometimes I wish I bothered to at least talk to her. But I dint and I live with it like that! The past is a bucket of ashes and if she relied on her pals to give her the reflection of the real me, then let those pals of her do the fcuking.
See, I know am a nice dude, just out to have fun and caught up in a mess between two loveable ladies….
And even though I was eventually sliced like a hell hound, I still hold on to the forever optimistic but realistic view of “ hey that chick, aaaaaaa..i was there done that..”
What’s more, I was sidelined from ever dating from that ‘group’-as if i  cared!?
For real, chicks should stop putting labels on guys and give us a chance to whore around their ‘inner circles…yeah?
The drama that followed by the way made me stop dating around the hood…eish, as Samuel L. Jackson. sez in  ‘Twisted’ “you don’t shit where you eat!”


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