crazy prt 2: mimi noma

November 21, 2007 at 9:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

hehe, call me a cat, yes i am,felixooh! da cat.

i always land on my feet, yeah.

this time round, no official clothes. (i have on this game for sometime hehe).just casual. am not out to impress, am i? let my wit do the talking, ama?

aug…am not in hospital bed, clear? lol

so here i am, with (da only) tight jeans (of a rastaman) looking casual as ever.

n there she is. am not really sure whether she had a red trouser or it was another gimmick of wash the colors and not dirt…but yeah, i pulled out the ‘phone booth’ flick all to well.

“where are you?” i whisper into the ear piece soon as i arrive.

as kawa, am kedo thirty minutes late.

and i spot her looking fidgety with a gang of pals around her….and it all goes down that..I DIDNT dissapoint….about her?

kawa colle chick…typical even. she is fine, outwardly…and now that she is demanding (take note of that)  of another meeting, erm, i’ll give the low down.

at least, i have my spine where its supposed to be.

phew! this randomness!!




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  1. and you carried it off…LOL

  2. it went well! im glad for you boy.

  3. And you still stuck to the lies? Did she buy them?
    actually they wa they easy-go type not the hard indelible ones yeah? eithe way, it made her more curious and that way..she is like..” who really is boyfulani????not bad at all.

  4. And you didn’t manage to steal a shot of her? Picturespeak?

  5. hmmh…
    so iz how bout that second date?

  6. yaaani you are here telling everytone about our date? ISH see you in the chat room at the norml hours!!

    ok i wish!…wewe live your life and have’s all about risks lakini dont forget that brain it wisely! okay enuff big sister advice..jienjoy!

  7. hi, been a while… now that date….

  8. i’ll soma baadayez then comment, sawa b0yfulani?

  9. hey, boyfulani, is that u on the top of the page? if it is u,…well,confirm first before i say anything

  10. ehee. naonda mambo haikuenda mbaya…nice, good on ya…na inaonekana umepatikana…

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