November 20, 2007 at 12:04 pm | Posted in d8ingame, life, msheflani | 4 Comments

is all i think i am.i sure are. maybe am taking these risks too far.

dude! but i care less.

a random life is what i think i was predestined to live….

right now, am going to meet someone. never seen them. just bumped in to them in a chatroom i ussually bum when am jobbless. and dawg…seems i lied about everything.from age. to all.

wot if i meet this tired 27 year old looking for a working guy to uplift for her standards….and instead she meets this lanky kiddo who looks like he is taking some career classes in high school? lol.


crazy, is all i can say.

lets see how it goes down. in 30 minutes, counting from now…



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  1. KRAZY! definitely you be…

  2. asi!
    make sure you meza a dictionary ndio um dazzle with vibe(bull) 🙂
    good luck with that…..(you’ll need it)

  3. dude, that IS crazy! Hebu tell us what went down? ama we changia your hosi bill? Heheheh!!

  4. that IS crazy,but it could just turn out to be sawa. safety first tho!

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