a nice dude?

November 7, 2007 at 8:21 am | Posted in he-motions, life, msheflani, Uncategorized | 5 Comments

i have always thought am this creature one would always wish to be. quiet, cool, calm, nice, easy to talk to can’t hurt a fly but, oh, the mirror of life is proving me otherwise. i can’t hurt a fly because it aint big enough, behind this innocent boyish face and tranquility is a fire raging within, waiting for the slightest provocation to explode

am still young getting older than i can snap out of this and still learning. its true that just because i have been brought up on the holy of holies and prayers, worship and praise have been central in my life doesn’t mean St. Peter will utter my name off-head once i arrive at the pearl gates. in the first place, the path am walking is sure not headed there. i havent met the devil as 3toc may have put which maybe means we may be headed in the same direction? wait, have you met him?

meanwhile, i have good intentions deep within, but aint the highway to hell paved with good intentions? well, i have been living under a grace long exhausted. the innocence i once had, like virginity is irreversibly gone.

am out of eden.

i was prodded by an article in instinct about being nice to people. just effortlessly and the little evaluation that i did was shocking. i wont take crap and i’ll tell you on your face. so, should i have any apologies for who i am? i guess not.

but they say being nice to ladies does help. it make them like you company. regarding this, i took my first step towards this self improvement and i was walking with this acquaintance from class just after our recess.

” hey what are you doing here and all day bugs (scholars) are at home? ”

i dont know why but this deeply incensed me especially since it was said in scorny manner. dont i know what am i doing? am plotless? azzin..what did she take me for? i think u think a wee too bit too far coz the next thing i told her, ruined our friendship.

” hey, i think thats a silly question dear…”

“what??” she tried to confirm…

” damn are u that silly what question is that?”

i wish she could have read all the questions in my mind that were all concentrated in that ‘insulting’ one liner. but it was too late. i had called her silly and she walked away. weeks down the line, we haven’t been able to talk as we did before and not even an apologetic sms has evened things out.

not that i care about her or that pretty siz of hers she was to introduce me too…but hey, how nice is nice?

one thing is for sure.am stomaching no shit.



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  1. The lady is always right. She’ll come around though.

  2. dude, its not what you say, its how you say it. 🙂

  3. or rather how you react to what they say. dude, learn not to look deeply into stuff, ama get worked up by small stuff…if you sense sarcasm, simple remedy (i always use it) is to be silly about teh answer. give them those silly answers yaani mpaka they end up knowing they started it all…not sarcasm.

    and anyway, you can never be too nice, nice to you is bad to others. just be yourself and do what makes you happy but not at the expense of others…

  4. u will neva elewa chiks tel them wat they want to hia……………..another noon will come th nxt day so chill out

  5. Can someone send me those pictures please

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