in pursuit of happiness

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sometimes, its good to take some time off and relieve all the steam clogging your system. last week-end, i was sure i needed such. and what’s better that a fully paid weekend retreat out-of-town?

never gets cooler, in the pursuit of happiness. and what the heck is happiness by the way? is it fulfilment? is it success? is there a corelation? and if it doth exist, where are lines, link, limits and in which order do they appear?

i care less. all i know is that success is gettting what you want, happiness liking that which  you get and fulfiment..achieving what you wanted to get!

fun should be random..but first, size up the photos before i chip in my usual na(s)tty comments!

wrong photo.sorre…



we share a lot in common with this dude.yeah as you can see. we both cleared from a school of hard knocks which only he i and Titus Naikuini( of the KA fame) knows. even though we deny it,  our c.v. bears the same indelible mark damn am proud!!

my photo is on the other side of the camera..come on now, join me!




why do chicks pretend that they ‘dont eat that much?’ well carol tells it like it is>> this is her third plate. i now know why her voice was not heard much…especially during meal times 🙂




erm , no comment boyo thea.


which one fits best, Beato ana wake….ama they are making a succes card cover now that its kcse time?


Larry….pliz dont try this in the bush. the close-up ad will now work…even if she thinks u make her fly like the birds hahah


she broke ma heart.thats why al have her twisted!! peter!! am jealous..ahhah b chela..u can still unbreaaaaaaaak my

ourr album man/woman, you could have zoomed a wee bit closer. either way, our album is coming out soon. we havent even decided on the name of our group/crowd. its team work anyway.

scared of the waters.good excuse, but that didnt justify why gachara, larry, edu, fakulie(yeah from the land of diamonds, Sierra Leone)  had to use the bitter weather of the region to skip shower for three good days.

yeah right. at last i captured the face i was so much after…but then, the presence of some people nullifys the kill..damn, this life. 😦



erm erm..i forgot woti wanted to say even.but surely..hanging on the kiloli cha guka is forbidden!

even the boiz pulled their pose kwa kiloli cha guka? duh!! tony..exteme right yes you…haha we now know why the net has been on the low on campus..if this is what yu have been upto..even delaying this post!


 why does she appear here again, carol? is there something Boyo aint telling us?? haha tell them to read in between the frames!

do the maths…


 gachara. n chela, refer to peter above. u get the point.

i liked this. the river longue** so serene, so cool, so completed my happiness. notice that it is in past  tense.

and thaz it. when i get other ‘interesting photos’ al post. however:

everywhere i go in the pursuit for happiness, there is always this stray dog that prevents me from being happy. 









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  1. yeah, i like it!!

  2. Where is BoyFulani??
    I see it must have really gone down!!!
    yuko hapo hapo tu….mtafutee…

  3. I don’t know what to say to you my retarded brother. I have been unfairly painted and I demand an immediate apology with equal prominence as the offensive post. Within 48 hours! Otherwise…:-)

    we may as well go to court blatha..thaz light

  4. looks like fun! and yes i read in between the frames, all the best dude.

    dude, i also wish it were so.

  5. Nice pics..Si you hook me up na mmoja tu…BT life is killing me for real…

  6. Nice place that looks peaceful

  7. Hmmmm…so which one are you? By a process of elimination…I dont wish to guess- tell us already!!

    hehehe…keep on singly out, u see the one u suspect, there he is!!

  8. out-of-towners rock! kwanza with lively pals it’s the best.

    hesabu tumefanya na tukapita…wewe je…umepita? i think nimeeza kukuchungulia kiasi…

  9. hiyo kiloli ya gukaguo was just the bomb.You must have really enjoyed your fully paid up holiday.

  10. U guys had A ball invite more mamas kumbukka the ratio thing in shule. More chiks always man! EVEN THE NOT SO FLY JAMAAS get to HOOK up he! he! he!

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