capitho ads too sexy

October 15, 2007 at 9:29 am | Posted in randommoments, Uncategorized | 5 Comments

is it me or am i just too conservative?

i think capital fm’s adverts are too sexy! eish! sex may sell but doesn’t mean you ‘pornographisize’ kila first, it usually gets my attention but am utterly disappointed when it turns out they are publicizing some lotion or deep heat, water… i mean,my heart pumps like “yeah, finally, a new condom..”

hehe, but wapi, turns out is that femme fatal*** (this spell check is failing me!!)  doing yet another coke ad. kwanza,  Nini is notorius for these kind of ads…uuuhing and aahhing like…..wacha tu.

in short, i think they should be toned down kidogo…partly because, some of us are



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  1. some…or you! but si you know sex sells…hahaha…

    na mbona hii comment box yako inatoa comments na font size ‘4’?

  2. and are what? pervs…

  3. some of you are what??? so you be here all this time… i understand about sexy ads, i also dont think they are….

  4. yeah we know we know pervs!

  5. And Fanta ads are sexier.

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