erm, just a venture

October 5, 2007 at 5:35 pm | Posted in d8ingame, msheflani, Uncategorized | 5 Comments

i have just come from mchwaping ana mama and am kidogo feeling nice. anyone would be, after a supposed dry spell, ama? she has been showing considerable interest in this carefree geek whose ways no one really understands.

they live by assumptions.i careless, being the idealist. well i may not know where am headed, but sure, am on the way there.

anyway, this is how it went down and for a first meeting beyond the usual hi-how are you’…it was impressively light,  and mutual.

“backseat action..wooooo u wo..” thats my phone.t

: Muthoni calling:

“hi, where you @?”

“office, ” i whisper into the mouthpiece

“ok, si we meet hapo nje ya theater,”

“oh, sawa,” boyo agrees without a second thought. its very cold today you know. i purred my machine to sleep, plugged my earpieces into wea they belong (omfg am becoming addicted to this my new phone) and left the office gracefully.

hehe, and you guys kataa that there aint booty call for men…but si i also want so, life flows¿

am easy as i find her curled on a pole, hugging herself against the biting cold…she slips into my arms easily without a word and her blessed bossom thumps on my chest softly. oh, my heart is kidogo displaced and i guess it is on my throat. i stare into the darkness, a genuine smile stealing over my lips.

she is smelling really  nice and as i lazily let go off, my arms slide through her entire body…she stares up to me.

hey, wasichana wengine wameumbika kweli ****whistle*** kila ki2 ni size yake yaani.. her noticeable native dialect does nothing to alter my desire to chat her up easily, maybe this wafted away by her charming presence.

boyo, like a wise monkey- seeing no breasts or an opportunity to chafua- walks besides her, talking like its broad daylight. i tell you am fery str8…

just easy talk and letting everything fall into place and as we stroll down that dark alley. shortly, as it gets darker, her hand slips into mine. little thoughts are working theirself out, making testerone charged acrobats, as we edge closer and closer to each other. i decide to ignore them…but not for long.

by the end of the evening, the talk, cuddling and the eventual necking, i feel simply great. simply relieved off the ass-numbing six-hrs that i was stuck on my comp, trying to come up with something cool for my boss. it was another evening for boyo. just a wee bit different.



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  1. “Without a second thought”
    That sounds like something from a romantic novel. Dude, umebarikiwa. Stay safe.

  2. ahem!

  3. Lol yes STAY SAFE.

    Ok i read that with butterflies in my tummy ati..ehe, ehee, then?..i fikad the end and aaaaw thats so sweet..good for you boyo! And now was she potential ama ilikua booty call ya that evening only?

  4. eh, ni potential ama ni ya kutwanga ka-take away ama ka-friendly!

  5. hehehe
    Umeanza kuwa naughty sasa….
    Ur Blog looks sawa BTW

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