daily metro: the answer to nairobi star?

September 23, 2007 at 11:59 am | Posted in randommoments | 10 Comments

word up people, how have u been? it feels like forever since i last interacted with you and am glad to check some of you out. thanks to all of you for the occassional drop-ins and the comments you leave..

mad love!

meanwhile, am back to kibich and i swear i saw i and i rastafasta aka modo…oops sorry, did i just reveal where he does his sabatical puff..heeh sorre! its not cool to realise that am doing this post on the final day here. its been hectic and am still waiting for the mdosi to see the value of my never failing commitment and grease my palm with a few coins…

i have not had a chance to go out and sample ‘slum life’, actually  i have been on my ass for the past 40 kedo 9 hours..(sniff, hope she puts this into consideration in her ‘generous giving’…) i was camping and as these photos depict, it wasn’t exactly a paradise. jana we slept kedo five grown men in a tiny tent and we had to wake each other up at midnight so we could turn over..men!

but leo, guys had gone for the infamous ‘sfs’ which in office lingo means something else. unofficially,  in the ‘fore’ ,they call it ‘scouting for sex.yeah sfs…’

dont ask what boyfulani waz doing or if he was scouting too…ha ha c iz u all know am a good boy, amn’t i?

so kesho am back to the system…daro mbaya. i have like ten papers due on Tuesday and the ever goodboy in mean has failed to win me from throwing darts and burrying my head in reeeeealey warm bossoms to…. research books (dang!) n sites.

but not to worry. i work well with the lecturer well on my neck threatening to give me i fail

***thinking*** erm, i think i should take life a bit more seriuosly don’t you think?


now i saw that advert in Nation on Sato and i had a Deja Vu…i mean, i saw it coming when Nairobi Star hit the shelves. The reason Nairobi Satr sells is because of its short and precise storos unlike other dailies. it claims to put the kawa Nairobian into mind in that ‘they’ are busy, have no time for ‘hard and expounded  news…and they want are juicy storos. this doesn’t exactly go down with Nation now that it prints the paper for the Kiss n Classic guys…i mean..can u see such an unexploited market being hogged down  yet you have the resources?

welcome the Daily Metro!

Showbiz nini nini and all th@ shit u think will give that better-said than put-on-paper-rag aka Kiss-star, a run for their bucks.

so me i’ll just wait and see…

am also thinking of starting a mag that targets my local area zone that has been much of an ‘entry’ to reckon with, indepedent and all that makes it a stand alone developing town that requires its own coverage.

i have the skills in my head….i’ll tell you the rest laters…baadayez people.



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  1. What was boyfulani doing? Wasd he scouting too?..i wonder?

  2. welcome back

  3. daily what? whats that a paper kama peoples ama ?

  4. hey, welcome back!! such chaos u endured!

  5. Hmmmmmm…

    Modo has ma dreads? pix? where are they and when do we
    expect…i mean to see the pix…

  6. sema boyo..bana wacha ku-unleash masiri bana….LOL! huko vitu hutembea sawasawa.

    nairobi star na nairobi metro hamna difference only that one is a pao. gutter, gutter utter gutter….anyway, wacha wanojisikia wasome…i’m sticking to my nation.

    enyewe ulikuw umehepa kiasi. daystar wanatafuta graphic designer..

  7. notice u didn’t mention if u were scouting or not, so the only obvious conclusion is u were

    the Nairobi star, is just trashy, and am sure the daily metro is of course the answer to the nairobi star…compe, but seriosly, for how long will they continue writing this mag-like newspapers?

  8. i’ve always been here. where have you been?

  9. been gone awhile…glad to be back…lol at having to wake the others up so that you may turn over…saw that 20 bob mag today..interesting…but must nation buy or try and compete with all that other people think up and produce?

  10. mhh, interesting blog right there!

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