beef with you and the tanzanian crime bustards

September 11, 2007 at 6:41 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

with a new name, i have had enough of relaunching my blogs now. sorry if you cant read through the ‘internetese’ of my blog name…don’t worry, with time you’ll get the drift.

school is not that bad. am still your usual back bencher who sits sizing up the class beaus… chipping in during class discussions to throw in a controversial word view that turn heads (and win me a few fans hehe) skive classes when ‘necessary’…and heeyio, still boyfulani.

and before i write about anything. i feel left out in the (t)rain. ati you guyz have been meeting? yaani no one can invite me to those meet ups??????

ama no one want to see boy fulani?


AOB..Tanzanian crime buzztards!

…on the news, there is this issue of the Tanzanian ambush on kenyans trying to make an ‘honest living’ in that country. i really doubt the authenticity and claim that they are thugs…the 15 guys slain in one night, by the so-called Tanzanian crime buzztards, thats remarkable men!

on a good day, even Mungiki doesn’t go home with more thank ten heads my boy. Its a whole night hunting for our mboiz in mbluu to bring down the number. for chrissake, that’s  a crowd, be it a nursery school group discussion! come to think the tanzanian currency(which most likely would be the majority of the currency stuffed up in those banks) how much of it would it be really enough to feed those fifteen hungry kenyans?>read kikuyus…

personally, i read witch hunting, bitterness, jealousy and ill-motives…am definately not proud to be East African at this rate!

doesn’t matter who is in question…but Kenyans assertiveness in the business world is really envied. they are taking great risks thus are likely to succeed greatly..RIP..those Kenyans who lost their lives..u risked greatly but died miserably.



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  1. They must have underestimated the power of bongo-police,but Wah! Ole wao!…smoked.

    And the new encryted name…,shud we expect a contest for decrypting it? Lol

  2. boss wewe ni mkamba by any chance? hizi color ziko mob na zimeklas niaje……. yellow na black.. hata akataa hawezi lol

  3. It’s so dark in here, ama ni macho za mine??

  4. Washa taa….!

  5. Hii look mpya ni noma!
    Huyo boiz yuko kwa picha ni beste yangu sana!!! Nitamshow acheki blog yako.
    As for waTZ, chuki haitawasaidia. Badala tuungane, tuinuane. Wafrika tuna shida mob.

  6. what kalas are guys causing about? ama nimekuja ukishawasha mataa…and niaje huyo msee ana mangwa na bedbag…wait what do you call those things….ah, sleeping bags.

    hiyo ya wa-TZ ni saspeechon!

  7. they dont invite u to the meetups??? aya! dont allow…yes i am alive n well….

  8. lool’re telling him not to allow what??lool

    Boyo..woiyeee sweetie me am inviting you for a one on one lol..ama hutaki kama yangu? wewe wacha siasa..revise for exams! lol

    yes, there have been excess name and colour changing in here, hii ni ya final?nilishaanza kuget dizzy..

  9. […] to a detour around the Mushatha area giving vital and historical facts i’d care less about (well, what if the lady who was felled Tz  cops with 14 other guys the sister to the murdered Oscar’s Foundation […]

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