house warming!

August 23, 2007 at 6:49 am | Posted in firstquack | 8 Comments

welcome to my new maskan.!



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  1. thank you. and you too welcome to the mtaa where the word is pressed…tunakuwatch! hehe

  2. Yep…yep…yep..whats the house like…Good to be in first…

    Can you get me a smirnoff..?plus a glass before i forget..LOL

    May be an alter wine would do…..But good to know your new CRIB,…..we shall keep warming this house bana….

    altar wine will do!lol

  3. May i take the pleasure now to welcome guests in…..

    @Bomseh..if you are in..there is a seat at the extreme backku like back benchinh…
    @Acher…just infront of me..
    @Unyc..because you are a chilee…just sit infront to my feet..

    Ok..let me head to the looose…Flani.. you can first take over…

  4. niliacha comment hapa..ilienda? ama tunalipa…si ni saree

  5. oh ndio hiyo…ooops…compa yangu ni mpya mzee

  6. i really dig ur blog
    we’ll stay connected…..if u know hat i mean

  7. this house is black i say….. izzhow mumezima taa ???? weka taa daddy..

  8. welcome home boy, love it

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