August 15, 2007 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

first allow me to have a moment of silence fot my lost phone.clearly, i’ll never navigate my thumbnails over it again.


however, i came out of the terrible loss with a valuable lesson my readers. mainly not related to the phone, but actualy, the reactions i got.
i show up at hme looking gloomy and the first thing that dad asks is why i have been mteja.
“i lost my phone,” i mumble
a moment of silence. he sips his coffee, leans back and prolongs the silence, seemingly thinking about other things.
i just stared blankly wondering what he would tell me next. not that his opinion would weigh me down much..but rather his small’ contribution mattered to me.or so i thought.
“by the way did u pay the rent?”
i almost swallowed my tongue!
since when did i start doing that? well, i did so last month, but that was a small time job that i had got…n then i landed an even better one last week.
welcome to the world of responsibilities, i could see it on his eyes. clearly, the phone wasn’t an issue to him.
“and just where did you lost it?”
“nilikuwa na walk ..blah bla” i tried to box in my theory.
he just listened.
“maybe you went somewhere you agreed that you shouldn’t” it hit me like a heart attack. it was the truth, and as i fidgeted with some newspaper putting on this look of “ah, of course, it cant be that”…
and that was it the issue of my this gadget was settled. he never talked about it again…or if you cant gitch “sorry son, you are now on your own.”
the price we pay for crossing over from the teen.am ready to face it…


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  1. Dude, pole about missing phone mazee…welcome to the world of responsibilities my son….

  2. hakuna cha pole….simu can’t depress you like that banaaaaa….utazoea when you discover more responsiblities…karibu to the world out here…

    mbuyu wako ni fresh….yaani alikufanya ulipe rent hahaha…

    ni karemba kagani ulitembelea akakungachanyisha ukasahau phone?

  3. A moment of silence……

    Weeee modo, what if it was his first phone bought after labouring for few weeks to fikisha the amount….

    Pole daddi

  4. Woooh! looks nice.. i mean the picture of the apple..what could it be doin infront of class…

    With a duster around? Wewe..

  5. i hope al be responsible
    @modo…we..aki that thing hurt bad.it was my first and inexcess got it right

  6. You will never grow out of the anguish of losing a phone, it still gets me everytime

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