packing up….

August 13, 2007 at 8:23 am | Posted in poetry | 10 Comments
Sweetheart, I know it’s hackneyed
but I am shoving my guts
into a Billabong rucksack
in the hope that if I take them
on a mini-break
they will learn to behave.
And, yes, I might be listening
to E. John’s ‘guess that’s why they call it the blues’,
but nothing else cuts it these days.
I want you to listen to ‘Nikita’,
maybe ‘Sacrifice –
these sum up to my liking.
If you put on ‘Bennie and the Jets’
I’ll kill you.
Somewhere between socks and razors,
I’m going to fold in fantasies
of your face
to make up for the
leaking shampoo,
a dirty mind
and too much space.

deds to yu bett she just asked for it, eish!!
n am no poet, i just pick up other peeps works, pimp it up, and oh yes,am a poet too!!



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  1. beautiful

  2. Ni ule betty moja ama??
    Lakini so deep

  3. There is a hidden poet in you I see.

  4. Sounds like a confession! ama?Lovely poem, too deep.

  5. nice poem, still processing the deeper meaning.

  6. AAAwwwww…sweetheart,you just stole my heart 🙂

    yess everybody there is a deeper meaning lol Boyo just hasn’t got his guts back from the mini-break to tell y’all hehe just earned yourself a thibecio (arch 07)dedication thingie pia lool
    Did i mention i loved the poem? Je te remercie du fond de mon coeur!

  7. Klara..weh unajua wangapi?lool yess ’tis my poem that one!!

  8. a jamaa has officially fallen in love with the mamacita…. way to do dude…. !
    sema betty nice to see youre back ..

  9. @gish. tru dat.thanks usare
    @kirima..ehe,. watajuaje
    @anto..these r my positive confessions…
    @wambui..thanks sana
    @betty…dig deeper ma..u know what it is
    @kip..wacha tu!

  10. eh pimp my poem eh…

    boyo…nyssss! i think now i’ll stop calling you boyo….naaah! NEVER!

    damn, with poetry you just grabbed her heart…i’m choraing i’m choraing….LOL

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