new flowers pop up

August 13, 2007 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

yeah right!
they are here to stay, i gather. and their sentence starts today. as i came out of the bus with my luggage, i seized up the hundreds of them.tall short, dark,light, fly and young, old and late…however, very few did interest me. the fly ones…maybe its time to de-flower, but is the body willing- why does my body go against the will of the soul?
i dunno. i can only wait n see as the craze catches on…



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  1. lool freshers checked in aye??

    ati deflowering??lmao..ure spirit is willing but your body is weak lool.

  2. i thought i would sit next to you all the best am getting on it now.

  3. eish, lucky nigazoid….yaaani unashuka tu bu na unakuta tusupuu tukikungoja…LOL!

    betty that ka-poem must have inspayad you tu early rise eh?

  4. They are innocent, fragile and plumped…..

    one, two, three, four years…they wither.

  5. Ma freshers huh?? LOL!
    Don’t be tempted be the good boy I know u are!! LOL

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