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August 2, 2007 at 5:52 pm | Posted in poetry | 11 Comments

She peeks over her spectacles
Like a vexed librarian
But this is no library
And I am no inconsiderate reader.
She does not vocalise her complaint
But I assume it is something to do
With my tapping my pencil eraser’s metal rim
Against the tombstone tips of my teeth,
And the stopping thereof.I meet her gaze
And flash her a grin
Like a crescent of clipped toenail.
These petty atrocitiesI commit all the time.
This is a five year plan.
This is a skull-fuck by instalments.
And when she returns to her book,
Prodding her specs up the tanned saddle of her nose,
I wait –One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
Three Mississippi –
Then I lift the pencil like a baton,
My incisors a lectern,Music, maestro.
The concerto commences.



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  1. If you wrote this you got talent bro ….. you got talent.
    In other words ..yute yuh ruff bad

  2. DAMN!! Boyo- that was like like..awesome!!

    ebu tuandikie ingine..fix ‘betty’ hapo ndani lool

  3. pia jamaaflani is into poetry. nice one

  4. Today we don’t get to see her photo kwani?

  5. Awesome!!! & when did u start getting into poems???

  6. was that a serenade to her..the teeth tunes…poet flani…si unaona vile kibich hu-inspire wasee…

  7. yaani, yaani yaani yaani tuu wacha comment juu hiyo poem ni deadly sana

  8. comment.enjoy the poetry dude.
    @betty…ngoja betty, yako inacomithe..
    @bomseh..aii..ndio usorore?
    @klara>when u were away.
    @modo..inzpired by de weed dude.


  10. yaaay ..thanks Boyo..nangoja..

    but aii nachoka kurefresh page lol rudiiii.

  11. man that was great..more and more of that bana.CHEERS!

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