women rights now a stale topic

July 30, 2007 at 8:27 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 13 Comments

the recent call by women leaders to have 50 seats set is ridiculous. i think women are taking the war for equity too far. when kibaki awarded MYW (mapigano ya wanawake) with a cool..and the creation of women funds is too much. and enough. its time women got down to work and stop relying on some freebies from the government.are they disabled?aint there women who have made it.just take a look around, even if their success was/is questionable, the fact goes that they have the ability to make to whatever ambition they may have.
so in short, let me not waste words about this talk…its totally stale to me..women, get up, go to work after all, no one will really dig for you as you rest your asses and laze, w8ing for manna…



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  1. LOL! Are u really serious?? am not so happy with the proposal for 90 more MP’s coz how’s that really supposed help Improve our economy..Besides who will pay for their salos bt on more women to parliament am definitely supporting that at any cost!

  2. Thank you! I agree with you entirely!!

  3. mmhhhmmm, no comment lol
    ok, at times maybe this whole equality busimness does go a bit far.

  4. wololo i have major beef because there’s going to be 300 instead of 210 and ati they want to patia the women 50, thats a laugh on the face. give them 100.

  5. Men and women will never be equal coz they are different! How about that huummm?

  6. Earn the posts. Kwani si the majority of voters are women. This topic is so stale yaani its almost fossilizing. Will it give a sense of acheivement to be handed the posts? Bout for them fair and square, si you want to be “equal?” AIIIII!!!

  7. You cannot just choke equality into society. Create the structures (equal employement opportunities, fair justice system etc) and equality will eventually follow.

    And why does kenya need more MP’s – their salo is already too high and we are expected to pay for more?? What about these we put a cap on their overall budget and then if they want more MP seats salary per MP would be recalculated downwards. I bet none of them greedy MP’s would ever mention anything about more MP’s.

  8. okay, tihs is tight…i honestly agree with you too, the equality bizness is not a campaign,its like saying, ‘athe statue of liberty is ancient’…it is obvious, so between women and men, we compliment one another, far from equality i think, we are weaker physically, stronger emotionally, and men the opposite,it dont make us equal… but complimentary!

  9. truth be told no one is equal to any one, ever, so …it stale caan dun

  10. totally dude, like totally! enyewe kama ni equal si tung’ang’anie pamoja?

  11. Preach-on preacher!! Lol,Me digg ur point of view. Women should be treated equally not the same, treating them the same as men means that they are handicap,which is a misconception. They have all it takes to make it anywhere.

  12. I am illegal and I avoid INS kabisa……. kwanza one day I was in a gas station and this guys with uniforms sijui with badges INS homeland security check in i Even forgot to put gas on my gatheremede aka motokaa

    ooooooooooops this was about women rights…. sijui what to say .

  13. As a woman I vote for you not because you are a woman… but because you have something to contribute.

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