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listening to..

before i was politely interrupted by the tagging bizniz is back n it makes want to go back to my peaceful break. so what do u do first? copy n paste…an art mastered by some university students, soon to invade the job market for top jobs after googled up researches and are the ones to take charge of this nascent economy?i dread so!…so, here we go:
The Rules are:-
1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

am a random dude.i never plan for anything, things just pop up in my life. even all my pals are random, we’ve brought together by circumstances. see, do i say the thingie th@ is currently making my heart go ting ‘a ling’a is also random….yaani, kila kitu in my life, ni fulani tu! n this makes me really serendipitous

a young mover trying to shake reverse-ageism
am younggggggggggg….young than any of your self installed carbon-daters can detect. the youngest thingy you have in kbw. i have to lie about my age, so as not to turn heads- but my face betrays: such a baby face yikes!! but am used to it, being the youngest jamaa everywhere i go (depends…) except, maybe, my sister’s kindergarten. actually, where am currently jobboing (skiving classes) am the last born…n this come with an unpleasant buggage- azin if anyone wants little errends run…they all go ” we, boyfulani ebu kimbilia mahandazi…” i curse like hell, even though i smile at them benevolently. juzi i went to collect my peanuts from the payment office when this lil skunk in the name of a title-i dont-even-wonna know, cudn’t believe that the cheque was mine, even after i chucked my ID (well, that i have 🙂 )…i felt like dying..
so the old list of my young stunts goes on…the youngest editorial member of the campo paper…

imac’s 4 life
i cant wait to say this, i love mac’s. no matter what. i dont want to think what will happen to me when i leave this place, but while it lasts..lemmie marvel at its super-abilities (do i need to tell you this comp just hanged coz i over fed it with data..stupid pc’s!! now, a pix is worth a 1000 words…

idiosyncrasy**…i bite my fingers very much. i rarely have nails and anytime they gives hint of growth, i cut,er, bite ’em off. am however encourage by a research that was carried out- about nail bitters…how responsible citizens they are, responsible parents, deep thinkers, strategists, great idealists…n well, doesn’t that describe me 🙂

character…easily pissed off..also easy to vybe me up, light up my ‘moods’ (nt mood swings.).

i still miss my fro…jeez i still dont get it why my hair aint growing now…akili ni nywele za modo ni twisted, n is his brain, huh?

7 geeky….weirdly so. i take note of the coincidentals in my life…how my second gava name has seven letters, my past two exes first names both have seven letters. i was dumped on march seventh. i met my ex-ex before we broke up.(was actually playing the two..) our shot gun relationship lasted for a week that is seven days…and why we had to meet in two thao n seven, on march seventh…how we made out with my seven lettered ex on jan 21st…then a week laters, repeats 🙂 and wasnt th@ on jan 27? also doubled up as her 18th, kumbe ni under 18!!..wait, wasnt she crossing over from being seventeen? n just two or three posts on this one, i celebrated my a day before seven seven two thousand and seven.. wait, her high school post office box was 115 Murang’a( i dare you to look for it. al shoot u seven times>>kidding……n doesn’t Murang’a have/ has seven letters?hhhumm… i even lost trail..

numbers…i still don’t believe in numbers…



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  1. Hey i like your post … i meet modoathii by accident and thru him i have now meet you…. keep the fire burning…. “I will be back”

  2. that seven jinx is tait! lakini zingine umeforce tu sana.

    And yes.. continue lying to yourself that you are young… Umezeeka daddi, si you have ID? LOL

  3. welcome to my maskan bobby, we kamu tena..wait ati modo?!!heheh what the hell has hiw weed been showing him?

  4. I have lived through Number two. Now I’ll be forced to reduce my age because I look younger.
    Hii theory yako ya 7, aiii. wee acha. Murang’a has 8. There is a silent M before the first M. Uliza.

  5. we bomseh theory yako ndo vako…ati u reduce the age ehem…inexcess, u flow with my thots, u just doubt in excess

  6. ummm, just passed by…woah! you are a very spontaneous person i think…

  7. okay…now the 7 thing is just freakish! but it is the freakish things that make life interesting,isnt it?
    U look that young…guess u hate being told uz
    Thanks for passing by!

  8. lool that’s a tight list Boyo..i like!

    ok sasaaa..after u’ve oficially confessed to being under 18 oficially confess your spookie obsession with the ‘Number 7’ lol lakini enyewe..haiiiya mpaka you lost me with all those 7s..ever watched “The Number 23” ??? uuiiii its a’s a curse..RAN!!!

  9. “U look that young…guess u hate being told uz”
    @ Tandra lol you’ve made me wanna soo meet the youngster.

    Boyo if we ever do “expect to be teased..just a lil'” hehehe ure words not mine!

  10. hey the 7 thing missed me …are you related to our Prime Minister Portia Simpson… she is killing us here in Jamaica with sevens… it scares me

  11. @lulu..werokam!come back anatha day.thnks for checking me out…wait, am spontaneous? yap, they tell me i am. iz cute heheh ask betty tsk.. not under eighteen!! and if i am, well- eighteen till i die!!
    and teasing, yes mami- bring it on! and th@ is no curse…don’t scare me!
    @ bobby, lemmie check yua prime minister first before confirming 🙂

  12. Believe me I know someone who’s younger than u!!
    Great Post lakini!!

  13. boyo..haha…okay, i gats to stop calling you that…sawa boyo…

    interesting list and stop hating on my hair…i feel you on the mac story…PC=piece of crap….

    kwani we ni under 18/ and i thought when you open a blog it comes with the PG ratings..hehe…

    and for someone who has issues with number you do have lots to do with 7…and 8…

    bobby si ni link ya me ya weed(y thoughts)

  14. That was a good post lakini too many 7evens. I am a six person lakini that anaa story all together. Age is nothing but a number up until you turn thaartey and it becomes a HUGE number.
    What else…random is good. I can’t say anything against Mac, I use PC and can’t say anything bad against it either.
    And yes modo’s brain is as twisted as the dreads, his blog is enough evidence.

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