castle lager relaunched wo hooooooo!

July 24, 2007 at 5:41 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 6 Comments

yeah right! before i rumble on with any post, let me take this honor and dishonor of celebrating the re-launch of castle lager- what’s better news on a Monday morning? hehehheh..not that i do drink but well, cough cough..the lure of the brown bottolo is so alluring that i wonna under the influence, i blog on! (above, the pretty Caroline Ndung’u during the courtesy bizD



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  1. So whats the fuss with the new lager? Just did not make sense for them to launch it on a monday instead of Furahi-day.

  2. Guys who launch anything on Monday are mean. things are launched Wed or Friday.

  3. So what are the specs? Price, percentage….

  4. yeah, I don’t understand the Monday launch thing either.

  5. wachaneni na Castle…. kwani amuoni Carol..? Drooool

  6. Okay, just another bottle to not choose from…doesn’t affect me saaaaaaaaana.

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