ass-what!? yes, assvertsing!

July 24, 2007 at 5:58 am | Posted in whatsmakingnews | 8 Comments

yeah right!trends never fail to amuse me. and since i suggested this to my now ex-bitter half and got an ice cold treatment plus stringent and economic measures on the other side of the door 😦 … i have since given such geeky-cum-promise-cure-ass pursuits a break..however,some of the trends..Che-sus!..but being ule Boyfulani mmoja, i cant leave them out!so this one not only had me cracked up, but also had me thinking.(dont ask what). ok, as a n advertiser, a publicist, and a to-watch-out designer (and the credentials stream on, do i say?) any genius is welcome. there are no scruples here. we have only one thing in mind: to sell. after all its nothing personal, its just business, they say. again, in advertising there are no ifs or ands..but butts?a lot of them are there i tell you. and that wots the night agency based in NY is doing right now- pushing those mega bill boards out of the market and is bound to revolutionize the art of (non-ethical) advertising.
incase u r still lost we are still on the same script where this agency is using the thuthas of a women to place adverts and as you could guess, their primary audience is young men. with branded panties and micro minis, the saleladies will soon light up a street near you.
as for now..kula na macho tu!



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  1. That is crazy madness. What will they think of next? Boobvertising?

  2. ati i show my diabs on the street like that for people to stare at??uuiiii ndio they go calling the company ati the girl at the corner of Moi Avenue has too many stretch marks loool neeever!

  3. ati diabs for advert, woi what is the world getting to?

  4. @egm – now that one i’ll volunteer to be the sponsor!!!

  5. LMAO!! The world’s getting crazier & crazier everyday!!

  6. When they sexvertise, I’ll definitely buy.

  7. betty huyo wa stretch marks can sell…putty labda, ni wewe huyo? nitabuy aki…yule ana mawanjiro auze pirelli tyres…

    egm, the boobsvertising mayt be used to sell 4x4s ama opticians…ama to enhance safety…airbags. (aki ideas zina flow, i’m in advertising duh!)

    interesting idea…kwanza wale mavijana wa kusagg ma jeans (boyo plizz stand up) can be used to sell arse wipe…

    lakini kuna vile kaguthi will be on our arse…pun intended (ofcourse, what do you think? huh!)

  8. Boyo..where’s your LIST??? eh, wacha mchezo..get typing!!!

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