yap am back

July 12, 2007 at 9:39 am | Posted in msheflani | 13 Comments

boy iz back!!
of course, it’s me.none other than the re-loaded Boyo (na sio ile re-re-reloaded ya Kiss, yet delivering the same old joints n shit, ya?) …[we Modo hiyo nickname sitaki!]. a year older, a wee bit mature.ackchully, more of a groan-up (coz i believe language was invented to satiate man’s dire need to complain]. believe you me…am more incisive now.freshly packed, and not really ready to give mediocrity a chance at all. did i say mediocrity? yap…more incisive, analytical, cynical (the kind of guy whi you smile at and he looks at his fly, doubting) trying out a hand at my interests, nedia, entertainment, advertsing and marketing…hey, and lassies minus lectures.
so whats really new in my life? a whole lot more my guys. dont even know where to start>>
i met someone else
and here is another from the Boyflani trailblazing ministry 🙂
well, concerning this one, sisemi kitu.kizuri chaji…but hiyo smile jo, ni ile Kitu Sewer anasemaga ni smile ya ngiri.
tena, sisemi kitu- ‘cept that Senior BT veterans, headed by akina Bomseh, cud consider striking me of that ka-list

what more can i say?now i mean?



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  1. Who’s that CreatEve at the sidewit sijui skimpy clad? Si you give Milo the hookup??

  2. missed you too..grown up is what we have back? lol waiting for groan-up storos basi.

  3. we milo is bad news…av just opened my blog n found my gal missing! wea is she!!!???
    @betty..even betta, right betty?

  4. Congrats. Ushaa……?

  5. Dayyum. Ushashuka man! Tena na hiyo kitu? My project still in the pipeline. There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end though. Mambo ya kubahatisha.

  6. Welcome back, now that umeshuuka si you sambaza the miles accumulated. You met someone. si then you spill…

  7. Congrats!!

  8. BOYO…all grown up now. haha…welcome back…naumerudi tu ukishukanga tu hivyo hivyo..well at least sio ‘mathe’ wa me (unyc’s soap). NYSSSSS! [(c)bantuts]

  9. Dawa yako ni uroda …

    You need to be seriously fyekwad by a seriously fyekaing mama … unaonekana una psyk inexcess!!

  10. man oh man…this train be getting light…must be the weather…all the best man!

  11. Aha. Haiyaa. Inaonekana nitabaki solo kwa hii train.

  12. msee flani? I have tagged you…check my blog for details…huna bahati man!

  13. gd to have u back 😉 gd luk with all the pursuits

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