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July 6, 2007 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

yeah right!
its not that am back, i just want to share this with you, now that this is what i had to go on m xxxth birthday- hey am growing old! just check this.
of web pages that suck
well, even if its seducing sinners, ohh brodas- not like this!
and i was really bored again, n i did try my idiotical tacky ticks here
from here, i was just creating graffiti…talk about a bored blogger on his birthday

but this site really made my birthday, its the greatest site of all


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY MZEE! endelea hivyo hivyo na mwendo huo huo.

    na urudi…inaonekana hutaki kuenda!

  2. Happy birthday. how id kill to be 17 all over again hahahahaha
    all the same happy birthay and ebu holla at me i have the vaccine against Hiatus Blog Deficiency Syndrome

  3. We wish u a happy birthday. Tato kinda not feelin u right now but his moods will isha.
    spidey is roganising for u a bash tayari

  4. Zidi kuishi mzeiya

  5. hapi bathday hata kama ni a day later…. niaje ulihata the 7-7 hivyo? i hear it has remedial powers, kwanza this year ati 7-7-7, then saa moja morning 7-7-7-7!!! Haa! Magicians can sell u anything…. but vile uliihata, it prob explains why ur the way you are…. sijasema kitu!


  7. Happy b-day boyflani, i would wish you many more lakini I am going against statistics here (Kenya life expectancy = 53.3 years, if you were born around 1980). Kwa hivyo kijana, enjoy those 30 something remaining years…

  8. happy belated birthday boy..

    and si that graffiti of ures is nice..haiya, si you start making making more like that lol that site is good , pia mimi nikiboeka am going to make mine..

    Ebu make for me with my name nione woiyee pliiiiiiiiz

  9. Happy Belated Birthday. That grafitti, boy did i have fun LOL. thanks.

  10. Belated happy belated birthday.

  11. @3n!
    LOL! wewe ni mchawi!
    Ma aplogies 4 being a lousy friend who missed ur big day! Hope una elewa ni vile huku net saxs mbaya!
    Bt Hope u still had a lovely one!
    Happy Belated Birthday dia…

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Give us storoz, don’t keep us waiting!!

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