go go go boy..its your birthday..

July 6, 2007 at 8:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

we gonna drink , like u've never had anatha ….go go goooooooooooooooooo boy!
happy {censored!!"£$$} bday.am out..mwaaaaaaaaaaah for the love

The sky is burning, writing my heart across the heavens. Like a book, the markings make sense if you know how to read them. My eyes are on fire, weeping tears of scalding clouds. No clouds ever hurt so much.



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  1. kubaff …

    okay happy mbathiday!

    i am sooo high but u should have told me you were turning tweni1 or sam’ woulda drank /tosted 4 u … as it is… i drnk 4me, 4 me own reasons so umiaaaa … lakini furahia hii siku kichana….

    btw, si i thought you were goina on a hiatus?

    ama u could not resist testing how deep our love 4 u runs? hehee … don push it kijana …

    have a gr8 one … will drink 2 u next year

  2. peleka ulevi na huko..kijana..ztop mizzbehaving on me blogn who torrod u am twedi one??how many have u had for the roond?

  3. congrats

  4. Haiya hiatus imeshaisha anyway its another year already! Happy Birthday boyie!!! na usambaze kamoja huku kwa mountain 🙂

  5. First time here…..will definitely be back to read…when I get back to the free internet of office.

  6. Happy Birthdy!

  7. Happy Belated B’day!!!

  8. i know it is kinda late but happy birthday..whoever u are..i just stumbled on ur blog on modoathii’s and i love the customisation on it…
    halafe, how old are u now?
    i’ll be reading ur blog more often, internet here really misbehaves..

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