anchor to the drab and real reality

June 29, 2007 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

i know am really down, really really down….but ill rise, i know.>> The sky is burning, writing my heart across the heavens. Like a book, the markings make sense if you know how to read them. My eyes are on fire, weeping tears of scalding clouds. No clouds ever hurt so much.

the stone floor burning my feet is my chain. It holds me to the world I know, stopping one strong gust of wind blowing me into confusion and fear. One step forward, one choice, will make all the difference. One stumble, one wrong word, will pitch me over the side, into a heaving sea of lost souls.

The only thing between me and my ill-fated future are the sun-warmed patio flags. A rope tying me to the safety of the sun, holding me to you, and keeping me away from the twisted life I can know. You can't leave, because knots keep you with me and nothing can untangle them.

The cooling floor is releasing me. I fall forward, clinging to the strength it gave me. Figures around me draw closer, waiting for that moment of weakness. They will pounce. I will fall.

The stone floor burning my feet is an anchor to reality.
Don't cut me adrift.



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  1. Taking front seat ….

  2. heheh@jm..kama kawaida.


    hand in there dude…hang in there.


  4. @ modo wicked: loool @ “hand in there”

    I guess I can only hope that boyflani is the master baiter … hehe …

    and hopefully she bites …

  5. the meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds!
    @jm.kuku wewe, ati mi ni master baiter??wtf???

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