lazima vitu zipenanwe…wtf?

June 20, 2007 at 6:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments
thou swell, thou witty!
thou thweet!thou sexy!
wouldst kiss me pretty?
wouldst hold my rod?

well beauty, beauty passes, beauty vanishes…but while it lasts, eish, guys, si we poke, pick, peck n prick a boob?
jana was the zenith of my dire need to do this article since little devils came visiting n i had to go six feet under to banish them kabisa…it was a situation i had unwillingly got my self into- or somebody got me into…
about beauty…
yeah the sort that they say lies in the eyes of the bugger clutching the bia-mbotolo, just ,like contact lenses. so i simply asked this ‘harmless’ question n the answers i got had me…well, read in between the lines…
but still is there such a thing as universally acclaimed beauty..azin a woman who smoothers, melts and meddles with the hearts of all men, hither and thither?
there may exist, like say (lips za) Angie jollie (the husband snatcher), such that akina 3n are prepared to meet their maker, after getting what that Brat Brad gets Dailee..hehe..yap..but why should we let that shit get into our heads to a point of no reasoning? must beauty hold men captives? is the strength of a woman so strong that not even the famous can manage to get their zips up?….
whats with thoughtless demands and pledges made at the site of great thayos?? n more so, why do jamaas hold fcking assumptions n stereotypes…
manze, unaweza hook up na dame msupa mpaka akikosa, una mshow iza instead..
or so blurted out some airhead i call convict, in the bus yester morning n the debate that ensued really chased the chill..ha!
wtf!? what makes pretty women ‘untouchable’?why are they ‘sacred’? why are men intimidated by them…or why do men allow to be intimidated…maybe am too confident** but in as sure as ass is ass…wont allow any midget in the name of a pretty lass step on my toes n flash a monalisa one…then think they’ll scot their blondie.. ass scot free like thaaat naaa….
see, just the other year, some hood sensation found me worthy of her undying devotion…(yeah kwa hivo wale wananuikataa…niliwahi get mmoja ana haga tu zilitoshea kwa my couch..kwa hivo sikieni ouch…)…yaani, she found me the perfect boyflani to satiate all her womanly desires…almos’ the natures’ ku-rect answer to female gratification…and enough of me…
so, this was not to the amusement of the so-called hood’s self-proclaimed mashers, bashers, don juans’s…and generally the whole boyhood fraternity who thought their 2 cents vibe could hold at least, her attention. yap, the kind of guys that think any pussy in the vicinity should purr to their prodding…but what?such an irrepressible spiteful soul as i, was a once-in-a-lifetime for the great gal. of course, i had to hit back- since my laid back attitude was jeopardized and the jealousy barbs thrown my way were quite to prickly to be ignored…i mean, i caddle the comely lass any githaa we passed the hood’s JB corner and make sure ‘love’ was really in the air, n as the hungry lil mongrel’s stared, wasn’t i feeling like a stud?
…./. it ws during these hey days when some fella approached me and as was per kawa, started the usual flatters ‘ati how niliangukia’ …n as i nodded…i was surprised he had something more to say…”lakini hizo sam sam haujazi nyam nyam..heehhe”
“ha!” i only managed to mutter, but deep inside…i ws literally boiling under the collar…with, rage, almost. i knew it wasn’t coz he looked down on me…but coz the biach was really hoot…eish, kwanza, kwani her saliva one of those diminishing ores of diamond is SA such that anytime we neckled it ishad ka sabuni?
is there anyone too hot to be laid? niambieni wadhii..
i let the little gherkin move on in life with his l;ittle questions and perceptions, fake theories and damn dumb assumptions of the inaccessibilty of real smooooooth thighs..ha..
dude, u just get intrigued by beauty, let the great strenght of a woman sweep you off your feet, and surely, pro-feat boyflani says unto thou: you shant enjoy the fruit of the land…rather, the sweet forbidden fruit..
eish, come to think of it..even as mwangi of accounts, V is constant, no matter the latitute…beauty is not the real down, i conclude….go for it..n sisemi uanue gari ya jeshi ju beauty si kitu, la, msee…just dont let it fester, cower or intimidate you in anyway..
otherwise, somebody gotta give!!!!
ata Jollie…gives.

****na muachane na huyo msupa wangu hapo wasee..cant u see av reversed the chase>?


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  1. fao…

    off 2 read.

  2. eish! kijana … furahi day jioni ni prime time kwa kweli!!

  3. eish kumbe ni under-18? msuper kweli kweli…ni hiyo gishagi ni gani?

    i don’t knwo what makes guys freak SUPUUU chicks. labda wanaogopa kublanda…na kwa kuogopa, wanablanda all the same. na hiyo risto ya kukanyagwa na kuangusha smile murwa ni..they are privileged to be stepped on by such a piece of beauty. LOL!

    wachana na maboys wa mtaani, wanajionanga maotero na madame saaaaana.

    wazi bro, kitu shua!

  4. Kwanza wacha nijigawie number 4 alafu nisome. Kwani akina JM na huyu modo blogging ni fulltime career?

  5. nimerudi. First boyflani this are not the kind of storoz you give half-half…we need to know.

    Anyway I think jamaaz (3N included) need to step up and shake themselves out of the shackles of uyniover4sally acclaimed beauty. I hope the rest of your story kesho will unleash the secrets to breaking free.

  6. *drooling*

    she reminds me of Rihanna-look-alike!

  7. @jm…jo, sa zingine inabidi…furahiday mi kawaida, sinaga vibes mob, kichwa tu yu gonga kewowo…saa hii naimalizia
    @kimodo…we modo wacha kuona hivo sana
    @3n wzzp dude, u had to go n furahiu ws not abt suspense dude..n av just finished it…

  8. hii story ni boy-talk kiasi..hapa sina say..i’ll sit back and listen to the gentlemen’s answers.

  9. chick magnet? enyewe i can see the U shape…hehe. we huserenade na hiyo ‘guitar’ nini?

  10. pretty chikita or not just ask whats the worst that can happen?

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